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We believe fitness improves all aspects of peoples life. From relieving stress, to improving strength and endurance, it should certainly not be overlooked. As the old saying goes, your body is your temple. Look after it and in turn, it will look after you.

It’s from this belief that we decided to start this online resource that covers home exercise equipment reviews, training ideas, and general training information on things such as cardio and nutrition.

Here at Incressive Fitness, we have a dedicated team that are constantly striving to improve the information already found on the site, with the overall goal to help you choose the right machine for your requirements and budget regardless of whether you are strength training or focusing on cardio.

Exercise equipment ratings, opinions and comparisons

Just a few of our featured summaries and reviews are listed above. These have been hand picked by us for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are more economical, whilst others take into account the effectiveness of the workout and functionality.

These picks are ever changing, so keep an eye out for new articles. We are also working on several new sections including rowing machines, free weights, home gyms, and steppers.

Types of exercise equipment


A popular piece of cardio training equipment, treadmills are highly effective for building up stamina and losing weight. It’s not the lowest impact out of all the equipment, but improvements in cushioning technology are fast solving this issue.

Several types are obtainable including ones designed to save space by folding, manual and motorized. Each have their own benefits, which we aim to cover in our reviews.

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Recumbent bikes

A low impact exercise bike that provides excellent luber support in most cases. If you suffer from recurring back or knee pain, and comfort is what you’re looking for, this could be a good match for you. It has these comfort properties associated with it because it takes the bulk of user weight of of their joints, whilst still providing all the benefits you would find in an upright or spin bike.

In most cases, they have a versatile design that is fully adjustable on both seating and peddles, making your ride that much more enjoyable.

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Indoor cycling bikes

These are probably more commonly known as spin bikes. Although not the official name, bikes that come with weighted flywheels and are in a upright position, have come to be associated with them as they are very similar to the bikes you find in spin classes.

They provide a touch of realism to your training and are a fantastic alternative to training on the roads when the elements are working against you.

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Upright bikes

Perhaps the more common of the bike bunch. You will notice these upright exercise bikes in both commercial and home gym environments due to their reliability, and effectiveness. A good workout session on one of these will see those calories getting burned off in no time. One of their best features is they are not too big and can be easily stored away should you wish. Additionally, most models tend to come with adjustable designs to ensure riders are comfortable.

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Elliptical machines

A low impact cardio machine that does not put limits on what can be achieved. Often a good option for those of you with joint trouble as the impact can be less than that of a treadmill. Works by making use of stride technology, providing a full body workout that will help build endurance and tone up muscles.

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How our rating system works

We research, analze and scour the web for both positive and negative reviews and feedback on home gym equipment and fitness accessories. We have several sources from which we gather information about various brands and models and focus on both the cardio machines and strength training equipment. These include the manufacturers websites, popular blogs, and online stores with real feedback from consumers.

We take into account several other features and specifications that enable us to give each of the cardio exercise equipment for sale a summary. By doing so, we can give consumers an idea of which machines provide the best value for low budgets, and which offer the top quality to those of you who money won’t be an issue.

Health and Fitness tips

In addition to helping people get the most for their money, we also have a fitness tips dedicated to offering fitness advice for beginners. This will range from how to use equipment correctly thorough to simple tips to improve everyday well being.