AFG 5.3AE review

Anyone looking to make the most of their fitness potential will need a cardio machine that can handle the day to day wear and tear that multiple users throw at it. The AFG 5.3AE does just that with a stable design, with strong framework.

Add into the mix a great set of training functions, and it’s easy to see why this model could be a great choice for working out at home.

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Lets take a look at some of the positives and benefits of using this elliptical trainer.

  • A 30 pound flywheel, which may not be the heaviest out there on the market, but will still provide the stability and fluidity needed in a cardio workout.
  • An exceptional amount of tension included. Twenty in total for budding fitness enthusiasts, and people who have already got a good base layer of fitness.
  • Above average stride length at twenty inches to put you through your paces.
  • Modern design that has a great structure with durable materials.
  • Includes a console to keep tabs on everything from speed, to pulse rate. Excellent for taking note of how effective your workouts are.
  • Whats becoming a trend for these types of cardio trainers, is the inclusion of fans to cool you down as you workout. Its what I believe is a very important feature because it will keep you comfortable as you train.
  • Very easy to operate, and will help you tone up your thighs, glutes, legs and much more in time for summer.


Not too many negatives to be found this time. It seems like it does the job it was designed for.

  • For some, it could be a bit out of their price range. It currently sits in what we would consider the medium price point, but you will probably find that varies as you research on various retail shops online.
  • Not too many reviews as of yet. But over time, this will probably change as it’s a reasonably new product, and its predecessors have received some good ratings from consumers in the past.

What are consumers saying?

As mentioned above, you won’t find too much feedback from customers due to it being a relatively new release, like its sister product – the AFG 3.3AE. Hopefully this will be changing over time to give us a much more powerful insight into the inner working of the elliptical.


On the whole, the 5.3AE will help push you out of your comfort zones. It will ensure you get a good burn in your workouts thanks to it providing users with plenty of workout applications to keep the desire to get fit strong. Plenty of value for money to be found, but not particularly advisable for those of you working with a low budget.