AFG 5.3AT review

Any of you looking for a mid to higher grade treadmill for use at home may want to research into the 5.3AT model from AFG.

While it may not be particularly well known in the market yet, it has a tremendous set of features that will really enhance user experience. What’s more, it’s made by Johnson health tech who are one of the biggest and most experienced companies of the fitness industry.

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Getting to know the good and the bad points of a treadmill can help you understand where it stands in terms of value and whether or not it matches what you are looking for. We do this by looking at the spec list and design to uncover a products main qualities and drawbacks.

Listed below, we have analyzed the differing training options to see if it can be beneficial to you or not.

  • A 2.75 CHP motor isn’t quite the same power or performance offered by the 7.3AT, but for basic to intermediate use, such as jogging and walking, it will be effective.
  • The running surface dimensions are as follows: 20 inches by 60 inches. This will suffice for most runners and doesn’t leave you with the feeling of being cramped or caved in, which is important.
  • Fourteen training programs to make your workouts more interesting and help users focus on areas they would otherwise neglect without such options available to them.
  • Capable of going anywhere between 0.5 and 12 miles per hour. Which is pretty standard in the industry with top treadmills like the Schwinn 830 and the Reebok ZigTech 710 offering the same speeds. It may not be suitable for full out sprinting, but for common day to day use – such as jogging, walking, and light running, it will work like a charm.
  • A excellent console at the front displays all kinds of workout readings and menus for the user to control how they exercise. It contains a  seven and a half inch back lit LCD display that presents clear and easily readable text. Buttons are self explanatory and user friendly for the most part.


With any benefits, there are always flaws to be found. In this machines case, we believe the pricing is one of its biggest negative points. Not everyone is going to want to spend over a thousand on fitness equipment, but those of you that can, it’s well worth considering.


Overall, the AFG 5.3AT is a treadmill which we believe provides a fantastic design that makes training simple and effective. Plenty of consistency and power from the motor and a nice range of ways to increase the intensity of workouts make this a good treadmill.