AFG 7.3AIC review

When searching for a new spin bike, one should always consider some specifics in relation to its quality. The AFG 7.3AIC has impressed us by looking into said features.

A good size user weight limit coupled with a heavy duty forty four pound flywheel, have all the making of a top quality indoor cycle.

It’s still a relatively new product, and has a fantastic design that is very affordable for the wide majority of people shopping for new gym equipment.

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If you have looked at our indoor cycle buying guide in the past, you will know there is certain things listed in a bike specification you need to keep an eye out for, and these are things we consider advantageous.

  • Arguably one of the more important things when looking to buy a new bike is the price tag. No one wants to spend thousands and thousands on fitness equipment when there are quality options that are much cheaper, and this is one of them. We consider this to be somewhere in between low budget and mid tier price points.
  • Includes an excellent 44 pound flywheel that adds a bit of extra stability when peddling as well as keeping things consistent and fluid. Anything above 40 at this price is always a plus point.
  • Toe cages on its peddles ensure the rider is secured in place to prevent injuries or slips whilst cycling hard and fast. Sometimes the peddles can catch your shins when that happens, so it’s always a welcome addition.
  • Handlebars are what we call multi purpose. Now you get these in lots of popular spinning bikes like the Sunny Pro, and the Schwinn IC2, but it’s always something we keep in mind as most consumers won’t want their hands in the same position whilst sprinting and cruising.
  • Saddle adjusts to bring you closer or further from the handles, to provide sufficient leg room where needed. The seating is also padded and contoured in its design to ensure people are comfortable whilst working out.
  • The size of a indoor spin cycle will be another important thing in many peoples decision making process. Space saving attributes can certainly be imperative for users living in a city. This bike measures at 51 inches L x 24 inches W x 45 inches H, so it’s quite compact.


Despite all the positives, we are always on the lookout for flaws and negatives that may effect a riders training or experience.

  • A glaringly obvious negative is its lack of reviews from consumers. This isn’t because it’s a bad product, on the contrary, it has plenty of good things included that would suggest great value, but more because it’s new in the grand scheme of things, and hasn’t had sufficient time on the market to build up a large following.

What are consumers saying?

As mentioned above, ratings and opinions are hard to come by at this point in time. This will be updated as new ones are posted by customers.


We highly recommend the AFG 7.3AIC spin bike for home use. There is a fantastic range of features that will improve your cardio results, and the brand is very trustworthy. For the price, we think it could be a steal.