AFG 7.3AR review

One of the first things we noticed about the AFG 7.3AR recumbent bike is the design, Straight off the bat, you will see a great range of colors mixing between grey black and orange. This makes a nice change to the some duller styles on the cardio equipment market.

Consumers need a workout bike to be effective, and this machine has all the functionality to provide that with some brilliant training functions built within the console.

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Listed below are just a few ways this bike could be a good fit for your home gym.

  • Designed to make riders push and peddle harder than they are accustomed to with a excellent range of tension levels built in. In total there are twenty, much like the Schwinn 230,  allowing beginners to start at the lightest of difficulties, and work there way up through each. Alternatively, you could be an experienced cyclist and need to either maintain fitness, or push yourself out of your comfort zone, that is where the higher levels of resistance will come in handy.
  • The above ties in with what the console displays. What this will do, essentially, is give you guidance in how you are currently performing through data on speed, distance, times and several other factors. This can then be taken into account when looking to improve upon those. In other words, it’s a source of motivation to keep breaking barriers and hitting fitness targets.
  • Then you have the twenty three different workout applications built into the console software. These are preset, and will cover a wide variety of aspects regarding your training.
  • A recumbent design with well padded seating, along with a back rest makes all the difference for some. For example, some of the best exercise equipment to use when recovering from injuries are recumbent bikes. This is because the extra padding and back support protecting the spine. It takes much of your body weight off the joints. That is probably why they are popular with senior citizens.
  • An important factor you need to keep tabs on is the pricing, and if it holds value compared to other gym equipment. In other words, what are you getting for the price tag? We believe the 7.3AR stands toe to toe with several, more popular exercise bikes in this price range .


  • Lack of feedback and ratings can often harm your decision to buy a machine. And rightly so. You want to know how effective it’s been for others. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much to go by on this front, but watch this space, we will update it when we come across more consumer reports covering the good and the bad.


A great looking bike, from a respectable brand name. The AFG 7.3AR has plenty of great technology included. The specification list has helped us understand its capabilities and qualities, and we believe there is some excellent training options that will be highly effective in helping you meet your exercise goals.