AFG 7.3AT review

The 7.3AT treadmill from AFG is something we would consider great for home gym use. The 3.0 CHP motor offers a steady and consistent flow of power and performance to the tread belt, and the additional hill climbing and workout programs add extra challenges to your training.

There are some smart technologies included too, with pulse reading grips and a great computer console to easily navigate through the various training options.

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  • A modern design that bears all the marks of one of our top rated treadmills. Within this design, you will find a spacious running surface that allows users to stretch their strides out comfortably. In fact, the running surface / tread belt area measures 20 by 60, which highlights how much room you can expect to have. Additionally, you will be able to fold it up for ease of storage, which is a fantastic space saving attribute to have especially if you don’t live in the biggest of homes.
  • Falls under the umbrella of Johnson health tech, which have years of experience in the fitness equipment industry, and a excellent reputation across many of its brands. Sometimes, going with the bigger names can be the most sensible approach.
  • The 7.3AT possesses a reasonably powerful motor of 3.0 horse power that ensures runners can get to speeds up to twelve miles an hour and anything below that. So, a good machine for walking, power walking, and jogging to light running, but perhaps you will want something of a higher grade for short sprints or fast running.
  • The incline inclusion adds an extra layer of difficulty to your workouts. Consumers can set this between zero and fifteen percent, and it will help target different areas of your legs, for fuller, all round cardio results. This is slightly more than the twelve percent offered by the Nautilus T614.
  • Grips to track your heart rate can be used to help you monitor that through the console screen. It will give you an idea of your hearts beats per minute in both active and resting state.
  • Ten inch touchscreen makes keeping track of data extremely easy. Not only that, but navigating through the various menu buttons for the various speeds, and workout programs become a breeze.
  • A handy, cooling fan will help keep joggers cool and comfortable on hotter, more humid days.


  • Not recommended for those looking to find something cheap. This will set you back some to get your hands on. However, there is a good amount of quality to be found within to make it a worthwhile purchase. Those of you looking for something cheaper, why nto read our review of the Weslo cadence g 5.9? That is a very popular model that has some great feedback from consumers.


The AFG 7.3AT is essentially a higher tier product for home use, suitable for those not working with a tight budget and those who want something with a good, modern design, with some advanced training technology built into the console. Certainly a worthwhile investment if you’re wanting something that will get the blood pumping without needing to splash too much cash.