AFG 7.3AU review

Whilst looking at the latest ranges of upright exercise bikes, we came across the AFG 7.3AU. What surprised us straight away was how affordable it was. Usually when you get a decent range of resistance and training options included, your looking at a higher price point, but that’s not the case here.

On the whole, there is plenty built in to keep you busy, the amount of training options included is unquestionable, although, as with any cardio machine, there is always flaws and room for improvement.

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After flicking through the specifications in depth, it’s quite clear there is some terrific things included in both the design and programming that will ultimately, help you work towards your ideal weight. We look at a few of these positives in the list below.

  • You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to using the various training applications included within the console. In total there is twenty three preset, that include apps related to calories burned off, distance covered, half marathons, 10km cycle, hill climbing and plenty more.
  • The seat does not take a traditional form. Instead, AFG have designed something that is over sized in comparison and well padded for extra comfort, similar to the Nautilus U614 bike.
  • The listed dimensions are as follows. 43 inches in length by 21 inches in width by 57 inches in height. This will give you a rough idea of how compact it is. These are often more suitable than large treadmills,  or home gyms, simply because it isn’t going to take over much space in the household.
  • The seating can be re-positioned both horizontally and vertically to further consumers comfort whilst riding.


It’s very rare cases where we find it hard to find a flaw, or something that may potentially hold back a cyclists enjoyment or experience. Listed below I have included areas where it can be improved.

  • Quite a light flywheel, doesn’t quite have my personal preferred weight of 10 pounds, but it will get the job done for the price. I prefer something that feels a bit more heavy duty when peddling.

What are consumers saying?

Another newer upright bike. which has had limited feedback and ratings from consumers. This will be updated at a later date when we can form a more accurate opinion of the reviews left by customers.


The 7.3AU exercise bike is clearly a good piece of gym equipment. There is flaws and improvements needed, such as the flywheel weight. But you can’t expect perfection in a lower budget model. And for the price, there is an exceptional set of training specs that will ultimately help both beginner and veteran alike, achieve their goals, be it weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, or simply toning up for the beach months.