Bladez Fitness Fusion GS Review

Those of you looking for something durable and structurally solid may wish to take a look at the Fusion GS spin bike. It’s made by Bladez Fitness, who are an international company and an arm of the larger BH Fitness Group company whose headquarters are based in Spain. This parent company has been operating for over a hundred years and has a solid reputation in the industry with plenty of top sellers across the board.

The bike itself is well designed, operates on a chain drive system, and is packed with several fantastic features that help them differentiate themselves from the competition. We have conducted a little bit of research& analysis and it’s clear that real users of this bike have been pleased with the performance and effectiveness provided. We know this from looking at ratings and feedback in several of the top online shops on the net.

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Frame and material

A sturdy, solid frame gives it an excellent foundation to hold a weight capacity of up to 275 pounds like the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro. What’s more, it’s made from steel so you can be sure that durability won’t be an issue.

Design and comfort

Designed in an upright racing style, keen cycling enthusiasts can get a sense of realism and comfort that traditional road bikes offer. The saddle is positioned perfectly so that riders can generate the most power from their thighs while pushing the peddles.

The Fusion GS even has adjustable handlebars and saddle to cater for the many different heights and limb lengths looking to purchase this. Or to put it another way, this could be a great match for a family home where multiple users will be looking to cycle regularly.

The saddle itself is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort for people in those longer, intensive workout sessions.

In addition to all this, it also comes with transport wheels to make your life easier whenever you feel the need to move it into a new room, or even into storage when not in use.


Slightly heavier than several of it’s competitors, such as the Spinner Fit, and the 510ic from Diamondback. The flywheel measures just over eighteen inches in diameter and weighs forty pounds. Sometimes, spinning bikes lack the consistency and smooth feeling that helps carry rider’s momentum. This is not the case here, as Bladez Fitness has clearly thought out a heavy duty, no nonsense option on this indoor cycle, which gets the job done.

In some ways, you could argue that this will give a more natural feeling whilst peddling, something akin to real road cycles.


The amount of resistance on offer is infinite. You push yourself at the intensity you are most comfortable with. Not too comfortable mind you, because you need to get a little outside your comfort zone in order to achieve the weight loss and stamina results you are aiming for.


Like many top competitors in the market, the GS comes with toe cages to keep your feet planted and secured when peddling away. Safety issues can present a problem and cause injuries without such toe baskets, so this is a welcome addition regardless of what the competition are doing.

Computer console

You are able to monitor key information and statistics using the computer monitor on the front of the bike. Like many popular choices in this market, the Fusion GS offers data regarding the speed or rate at which you peddle, the overall time taken in a session, the amount of calories you have burned off in a particular workout, and how far you have cycled. This is pretty standard for most brands to include this data nowadays with the Schwinn IC2 being a prime example, but all of this can be used as a motivational tool to get you pumped before each training session.

One downside to this, is the console requires two aa batteries to operate. The first two are included with your purchase, but you will eventually need to stock up on more in the future. Some bikes plug into electrical outlets, so it is perhaps at a disadvantage in that respect.

Dimensions and weight

It’s a reasonably small cardio machine that measures at 43.7 inches by 20.9 inches by 46.1 inches and weighs just 86 pounds. No problems with moving it about the home gym, should you wish to.

What consumers think

A look around the web tells us that people who have purchased this spin bike, believe it’s above average. Many positive comments were found in relation to the sturdiness and overall value of the bike. On the downside, there was a complaint from one customer who said that one of the peddles snapped off while riding. It doesn’t appear to be a common occurrence however.

The bottom line

All in all, the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS is a low cost model that includes all the features one should look for in cardio equipment. A heavy duty flywheel, tools to monitor progress, and a strong structure are just a few of the highlights. We believe it’s certainly worth thinking about if you are looking for something reliable and reasonably good value for money.

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