Body rider BR1830 review

The BR1830 is a elliptical machine designed to keep striders as cool as can be whilst exercising. Contains some fantastic specifications that, for a  lower priced cardio machine, is quite surprising.

You can make use of the dual action arms at the front to give yourself a well rounded workout that hits your legs as well as your arms. Additionally, because it’s chain driven, you can expect fluid, consistent motion with each stride and quiet operation that makes it a great match for home gym owners.

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So what can you expect to gain from purchasing such a piece of gym equipment? Well for one, not all cross trainers offer the dual action arms you see on this model. However, it’s not unheard of either, but it’s a nice and important addition that will ultimately help you work out different muscle groups effectively ranging from your legs to your shoulders.

Secondly, those wanting something that is reasonably stable and smooth may find this to offer just the frame. Because of the drive system it operates on – which is chain, you will find this fan cross trainer is quite sturdy for the price.

That brings us to our next point which is costs. Sometimes, you will be required to pay a lot of money to get a mid tier model like the E614, that’s not the case here. This is inexpensive and although it does fall in the low budget category, it still provides consumers plenty of training functionality to help them tone up and shed the pounds.

If space consumption is a problem, you will find this is almost as compact as any on the market. Measuring 35.63 inches by 20.1 inches by 57.7 inches, this will fit perfectly into smaller rooms in the household.

With each stride, the fan will deliver cooling air to your body ensuring you’re as comfortable as can be whilst exercising at home.


No where near as advanced technology wise as higher tier options like the 1260ef and Evolve 5, but still enough to be adequate for beginners.


Despite it being a budget option, this elliptical from Body rider can still meet the training needs of most users. There are adjustable tension options, dual motion arms and plenty of ways to help you get in shape within the design. Overall, for those looking to train from home without breaking the bank, this could be ideal, but be sure to research into other products before you make any buying decisions.