Body Rider BRF700 review

Consumers who are looking for a good exercise bike to train upper body and lower body for a low price may find the BRF700 a excellent match for their requirements. It’s equipped with dual motion arms along with the standard peddles to give more muscle groups an effective workout.

As a fan bike, the  is able to blow a gentle breeze onto you as you train, keeping you cool. This can be great for those who plan to exercise in hotter environments. It’s certainly not short of feedback around the web either, with plenty of positive ratings to be found.

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So what are the potential benefits a buyer can get from using this upright style bike? Well, we have had a look at most of the specs along with our various sources that include e-commerce stores, fitness bloggers and more. All of which we compile information about a specific model, in this case the BRF700. Have a look below to find the good and the bad, and see if it’s a good match for your own home gym.

  • Users are in full control of how difficult their training sessions are. Resistance can be adjusted by the simple turn of a knob. Finding things too easy? No worries, tighten the tension slightly. The same goes for finding things too hard. The great thing about these adjustments is that it caters for a wider range of fitness levels.
  • Dual action arms give your upper body a workout which is common in fan bikes, but not so common in more standard stationary bikes such as the Nautilus u614, which tend to have static handlebars.
  • The fan wheel will work similar to a fan and keep you cool.
  • Although it’s quite an inexpensive option, it does offer many of necessities needed to conduct your cardio sessions effectively. For example this model comes with performance monitoring computer that will display readouts like calories burned off, speed, distance and more.
  • Despite the price point, it does have a fairly sturdy design with a steel frame and levelers at each end to keep things stable whilst peddling. The 250 pounds user weight capacity may not be up with the 400 pound highs of the 500 XLS from Exerpeutic, but it’s still good enough for the majority of riders.
  • Reasonably compact which is great news if you have limited space in the household. The dimensions given are as follows: 41.75 inches by 22 inches by 46.5 inches.


  • Lack of exercise applications and technology that a higher priced console would provide.
  • Still lower than average weight capacity, which isn’t ideal, but you can’t expect too much of a cardio trainer at this price.


Overall, the Body Rider fan bike is one of those machines we recommend if you’re looking to train from home but are not looking to spend too much cash on fitness equipment. The basics are covered, and this will certainly be a good option to choose for complete beginners and intermediate riders. However, for more advanced users, you may want to look elsewhere with more functionality to help give you a more intensive workout.