CycleOps 300 Pro review

The 300 Pro is a high end spin bike that includes several specs that are all designed to thoroughly challenge you by pushing you to your limit.

This indoor cycling bike will essentially give you the functionality, and design required to effectively work towards your exercise targets, be it losing weight, toning up, or just improving stamina.

The frame has a modern feel and in our research so far, we have come across plenty of positive ratings.

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As one of the more expensive spinning bikes we have come across, there is a certain level of expectancy. We want to uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly, and find out the overall truth about the 300 pro and how it could be beneficial to consumers.

Which is why we have jotted down below, a short list of the positives and negatives so people can get a better idea of what to expect from its design, training options, and much more.

  • A modern design that comes with a well built frame for extra strength and stability.
  • Those of you who require a bike that takes up less space will be pleased to see that this bike measures just 12 inches by 30 by 40 inches, which is rather compact and will squeeze into most rooms quite easily.
  • Designed to feel more natural, giving a realistic racing feeling from the warmth and comfort of your own house, away from the elements and road dangers.
  • Includes a Joule 2.0 computer and has the ability to take readings on the amount of power you are generating. This is a fantastic way to get some form of confirmation that your training is working.


  • The main downside is the price tag. Those of you wanting a higher grade option with excellent riding technology won’t have a problem with splashing more cash on better quality. But those wanting something for general cardio workouts may want something a bit more affordable like the 510IC.
  • One piece of feedback we came across in our research noted that sweat staining was a problem.


The 300 pro is worth considering if you have a high budget to work with. It will certainly include the mechanisms and functionality needed to improve your stamina and workout performances. It may not be a match for everyone, but those looking for a similar model to commercial options, but for home training, this could be a great match.