CycleOps Phantom 5 review

Those of you seeking the added convenience and comfort of spinning from your own house, should take a look at the Phantom 5 indoor cycling bike. With some excellent training technology included, this machine has all the necessary functionality to ensure riders get a great workout session.

Among those smart technology is virtual riding that does a great job to mimic the feel of road cycling. For those looking for a high end product, this could certainly contain everything you’re looking for.

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One of the first problems consumers run into is how much choice there is out there in the fitness equipment industry. The different weight capacities, flywheel weights, drive systems, and resistances is enough to confuse anyone. Our focus in our Phantom 5 review is on how it can benefit your training, or negatively effect it, by looking through the specs below.

  • Is able to integrate with a virtual riding application that’s designed to give riders a very realistic feeling whilst exercising. While it can never replace the real thing, it’s not a bad replacement for use on those days when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Not many people will enjoy cycling in the snow and rain anyway.
  • The above coupled with a racing position on the handlebars and saddle can have a real positive effect on your results by sharing many similarities with road racing.
  • We are aware that many of you like to tweak the positioning of various things. Fortunately this exercise bike, like the Phantom 1,  gives you the chance to micro position four different areas including the saddle. This means no awkward position stances that can otherwise lead to unnecessary aches and pains. Being comfortable should be an important part in any buying decisions you make, as ultimately, it can effect your performance and long term results.
  • Resistance can be  tweaked using a small dial and will give both newcomers and veterans a chance to exercise at a pace they feel most comfortable at. You are in full control of how intensively you want to train.
  • Whilst there isn’t thousands of reviews to be found around the web, those we have found have been mostly of a positive nature, which is a good starting sign, but not the be all end all.


  • Like several of its sister products, it does not, unfortunately, come with equipped peddles. Buying your own will be something you need to consider before spending any money on it.


The Phantom 5 does the job asked of it and more with some excellent training features that are both unique and effective in getting results. The virtual tour integration brings a bit of fun for those of you lacking motivation, and the build as a whole is of a high quality and built to last. So, if you’re working with a high budget, and want a top notch cardio bike, this could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.