Diamondback Fitness 1260EF review

This elliptical machine bears no resemblance to some of the leading brands on the market. It’s very modern, durable, and has received praise from both consumers and experts around the web.

Understandably, those of you looking for an exercise machine for your own home gym, will want something that presents a challenge, and is reliable. The 1260ef provides both, with a selection of top class training functionality that ensures users push themselves, along with a strong frame that acts as the sturdy platform to conduct your cardio training.

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  • Take control of the resistance and other operational features like training programs through the console. No manual work involved in doing so, just use the buttons at the front of the elliptical to filter the settings you wish to workout to.
  • Twenty levels of challenging tension. Maybe not quite on par with the likes of the Schwinn 470, which has an impressive twenty five levels, but more than the Endurance 520 e from ProForm, which offers eighteen. There is enough there for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users to work up a sweat and get the blood pumping, that’s for sure.
  • The arms, or hand grips to some, are dual action. Meaning they are movable and work in conjunction with the moving foot peddles. The result? A full body cardio workout that hits muscles in your upper body, as well as your legs.
  • An above average weight capacity recommendation of three hundred and twenty five pounds demonstrates the strength and durability of the gauge steel framework. Something we often associate with many Diamondback gym products.
  • The console will feed back every important bit of data about your workout to the computer display for you to monitor. What you do with this data is entirely up to you, but having information that revolves around speed, time, distance, and much more can only benefit your training regime.
  • A nineteen inch stride length is a great length for most, and sits in the area we would consider average at this price point. No complaints from us here. Although taller users may want to opt for something with a slightly higher stride length.


  • There are not quite as many exercise programs as we would of expected for the price. There is a positive to take from this however. The ones that are included, you will find are the ones that carry the most importance. For example, interval, hill, and heart rate functions.
  • It’s quite expensive, and while there is certainly some great qualities surrounding it. We believe it’s only worth buying this, if you have a higher than average budget.


The gauge steel frame has anti rusting properties that will enhance durability and help with maintenance in the long run. It’s built to last, and as some consumers have observed, sturdy. This comes as no surprise to us when we look at the specifications that list the capacity of an impressive 325 pounds. This is above the average, and matches that of the ProForm Endurance 720 E. It’s also higher priced than your average home gym elliptical trainer.

The 1260ef doesn’t lack style. It looks fantastic, modern and is equipped with some first rate technology that will enhance user experience and improve weight loss results.

A nineteen inch stride isn’t the largest we have seen, but it’s more than enough for your average fitness enthusiast looking to burn off some fat in the comfort of their own home. Some may have the argument that taller people in the six foot four range may want to look into something above the twenty one inch stride length, just to be on the safe side.

A hand held pulse sensor will ensure users heart rate is recorded accurately both while resting and exercising. This data gets sent through the console and displayed on the monitor for you to read. Also, the arms are strategically padded to ensure comfort and reduce the amount of stress on the hands, wrists, and arms.

Moving on to the foot peddles / plates, these are big enough to accommodate the vast majority of peoples foot sizes due to them being over sized in design. Couple this with padding and anti slip properties, and you have a winning formula for comfort and performance.

Some elliptical’s can be quite large and take up a lot of space, which can often be a problem for home owners due to limitations in space. The 1260ef however, isn’t actually that big. It’s reasonably compact, measuring 69.5 by 27.5 by 65 inches. However, it does weigh 245 lbs, so to make your job easier, it may be best to assemble it in the area of the house you plan to workout in.

Exercise features

Whilst not quite matching the variety of exercise programs on the Evolve 5 from Horizon Fitness, it still holds it’s own with plenty available to work with. Several of these look at sprinting, hill climbing, interval training, while others focus on heart rate and cross training. To put it simply, it provides an effective range of training options that will help you stay motivated.

The other area elliptical machines are prosper or fail in, is how much tension comes built into the system, be it manual, or electronically. In this case it’s electronic, and includes twenty levels of resistance. While there is certainly alternatives that offer more than this for a lower price, it’s still a excellent amount to work through.

Console and data tracking

Data tracking and console features are pretty standard as far as comparisons with other machines go. It includes all the expected data read outs like speed, time, and distance, and has a solid control panel which is easy to select the various training options available.

There is also a reading rack, and a Polar compatible pulse receiver that will help track and monitor users heart rate. All of this data when used correctly, as part of a larger plan can be highly effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

What are consumers saying?

It appears consumers have reacted very positively to their purchases. After carrying out research at various sports stores and online shops, we found that the ratings and feedback almost always have the positives by far outweighing the negatives. Several customers commented on it’s durability. Another notable talking point was consumer reports recommendation.


The Diamondback Fitness 1260EF may be priced higher than your average elliptical, however we believe this is for good reason with the vast choice in training functions alongside essential design features that improve user experience.  This is certainly one to keep tabs on.

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