Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Review

The 510Ic indoor exercise bike has stoked a fair amount of interest from consumers around the web. Our research shows that the vast majority of people who have purchased it have been very happy with it.

We believe this can be attributed to its quiet operation, sturdy frame design, and a good amount of resistance to work with.

The fact that we can classify it in the mid tier price point is testament to the amount of value and features provided for a relatively low price. So, if you’re looking for something with commercial gym qualities for your own personal gym, this spin bike could be the way forward.

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  • An informative computer display at the front will offer riders every bit of data they require from speed peddled, through to time taken and distance travelled.
  • Quiet operation according to customers. Great for keeping the noise levels down at home.
  • Sixteen challenging levels of tension will give you something to work towards as your fitness and leg strength improves.
  • Built in heart rate sensors will monitor riders pulse and provide the feedback to the monitor for you to take note of.
  • Diamondback have a long history in the road and exercise bike market. With that comes experience, and unsurprisingly, knowledge of how to build them correctly.
  • Plenty of room for changing the frame structure by moving the handles and seat to a position suited to your height.


  • A less heavy flywheel than the SF-B901 from Sunny. That one comes in at 40 pounds,whilst the 510Ic weight 31 pounds. Make no mistake, there is still plenty of stability and performance to be found from within.
  • Not for everyone in terms of budget. There are certainly cheaper options available, such as the Fusion GS. This is better suited for those of you who have a medium budget to work with, rather than bargain hunters.


The design of a spin bike is just as important as the functionality and training options. Sometimes lower budget models come up short in how the rider can position themselves. This can limit peoples performance if they are taller and shorter than the average person.

This model however enables cyclists to change the position of the handlebars including the seating. One thing that isn’t always available is the ability to change both fore and aft. These are fantastic additions to an already well built exercise bike.

The flywheel weighs the same as the spinner fit at 31 pounds, which is perhaps lower than our personal preferences. Nevertheless, looking at consumer feedback and opinions on blogs and shops online, it’s quite obvious this doesn’t pose a problem with users saying the ride is both consistent, quiet and smooth, all the things needed for a top class indoor stationary bike.

The capacity limit for riders stands at 300 pounds which is slightly above the average in this industry and says a lot about the structural quality and frame balance of the 510Ic.

Exercise features

One area it doesn’t fall short in, is how helpful it can be in making improvements on your endurance as well as helping you achieve results in weight loss and general well being. Muscle strength and toning goes hand in hand with all of that.

Sixteen levels of resistance provides a sensible amount of variation for beginners and veteran cyclists. Or, to put it simply, offer plenty of tension choice for users from the same household.

The fourteen different workout programs that come built in can break up the grind a little when things are feeling a bit boring and plain. It opens up new challenges, and can strengthen your desire to reach your fitness targets. These can really make a difference in keeping you motivated when you compare them to standard options like those on the IC2 from Schwinn. Eight of these are preset, as well as several custom and heart rate options, rounding up a excellent set of training features that will help you pursue your ideal weight.

Console and data tracking

Keeping tabs on key indicators of your current fitness level is becoming quite a common way to constantly adapt and improve your training, and a big part of this, as with many Diamondback Fitness exercise bikes, is the console technology.

It’s equipped with smart tech that will record data about your latest ride, including speed, time, distance, and heart rate. However, don’t read too much into this, as most leading brands these days do the same.

What are consumers saying?

It’s certainly apparent that the ratio of positive is a lot higher than the negative. It does seem that the majority of people who purchased it are pleased with it. In our initial research, we found plenty of people praising how quiet it operates, along with how durable and frame adjustment options.

Some negatives we found felt that the peddles and crank were too close to the frame, as well as complaints about the saddle feeling too hard. However, there are certainly ways around the saddle problems, with a wealth of gel products available to make your ride more comfortable.


This indoor bike is certainly the way forward if you’re working with a mid tier budget. The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic has everything built in that riders from all fitness backgrounds can benefit from. It’s a great option for use in a personal gym, thanks to its stability and range of resistances available. If however, you are looking for something slightly more advanced, you may want to look at the Keiser m3.

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