Diamondback Fitness 510SR review

The Diamondback Fitness 510sr is a excellent piece of gym equipment that will take care of all your cardio training needs. Offering first class support to your back, it has certainly won praise from consumers rehabilitating from injuries and senior riders.

Immediately after assembling the bike, you will notice it’s quite a solid platform with some really handy design features built in, like the tracking technology on the console, as well as the advanced exercise applications.

Feedback in online shops have been very positive in areas we have researched, and it’s quite clear this bike is highly rated.

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  • Very supportive design that lessens the impact on joints and muscles. The recumbent bike is the go to cardio machine for ensuring you back is properly supported at all stages of working out. It has a step through design that is perfect for those riders carrying and recovering from an injury.
  • On things for sure, it’s not short of exercise apps. Offering twenty in total, it provides some smart technology built into these programs that can really enhance overall usability and the results of your training.
  • Simple to use, with quick start buttons attached to the console that enable cyclists to get started faster.
  • The sixteen built in levels of resistance highlight how Diamondback have clearly thought about the needs of the user. Not everyone’s going to be a beginner, so their is plenty of room for someone who is already fit to progress, should they wish to.
  • Equipped with a large, highly visible, LCD display that will show clear and easily readable data about your training regime.
  • Built in hand grip sensors will help you record everything about your pulse rate, both resting and workout rate can be recorded with ease.
  • Highly adjustable design features to ensure consumers are as comfortable as possible. It is most likely home gym users will either have a family who also exercise, or multiple users. The adjustable features are welcome additions for the different arm and leg lengths.
  • The 510sr is designed to operate very quietly thanks to it’s eddy current braking system.
  • Solid frame and base is clear for all to see with a three hundred pound weight limit recommendation from the manufacturer.
  • Good warranty policy.


  • Some complaints found regarding the peddle falling off early on. This appears to be isolated, as most reviews don’t have similar problems.
  • More difficult than perhaps it should be to adjust peddle straps.
  • Not a recumbent bike for those of you working with a lower budget.


For the average height riders, the design features included are perfect. There is a good amount of options included to adjust the handles, and seat to a position that you are most comfortable with. However, some people do appear to say that users below 5 foot 3 may have a bit of a struggle with reaching the peddles. Which is definitely a design flaw.

The seat has a mesh back which allows riders to feel air flowing through and hitting their back. The seat is also contoured and padded to keep riders adequately comfortable on longer rides.

The step through design of a recumbent bike is one of the main reasons they became popular in the US. It makes working out more accessible for users with injuries and senior citizens. Especially important when you don’t want to damage the same area again and risk being out of action for longer than anticipated.

It also includes a built in fan with a button from which is controlled from the console. You get to choose between a high speed, a lower speed and turning it off completely, although in a intensive workout, I would imagine you would opt for the high setting to keep you body temperature down.

Other handy design features built in are the magazine rack enabling you to read whilst peddling, and speakers to listed to your favorite music to get you motivated.

Exercise features

The obvious exercise settings are of course the levels of resistance offered. The 510sr recumbent bike has a respectable amount of tension included at sixteen. It may not match the 25 levels offered by the Schwinn 270, but is well on par with the majority of the industry in this respect. It’s plenty for the complete newbie to work with from the absolute basic levels of tension right through to the levels we consider as more advanced.

Despite falling short of some models difficulty levels, it makes up for this with an outstanding amount of workout applications. that are for similar purposes to that of the Vision R20 classic, such as heart rate, and weight loss.

The eddy current braking system, will enable the ride to feel both smooth and stable. This normally goes hand in hand with quiet operation, and that is the case here.

Console and data tracking

You can keep a eye on your current performance using statistics shown by the console. Very handy for working towards personal bests and ensuring you are always working on improving stamina and pushing towards your fitness and health goals.

Clearly available on the LCD screen is information about time taken, distance covered, watts, what resistance level you are working with, RPM, pace, and the amount of calories burned off. All of this data can be compiled and compared with your previous exercise session to see how you are progressing.

What are consumers saying?

On the whole, there is more positive feedback than negative across the web. We have analyzed various online shops and blogs, and their is a common theme that it’s a solid, and comfortable bike with some great training functions.

The negatives were few and far between, but they included disappointment with the quality of the peddles, and their straps.


The Diamondback Fitness 510SR is right up their as one of our favorite recumbent style exercise bikes and for good reason. The build is solid, offering stability and durability, the price is reasonable, and the training capabilities are excellent. It’s no surprise that many consumers have rated it highly.

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