Easy 30 minute treadmill workout

Need to get fit but have limited amount of time in your schedule? You’re not alone. Use this article as a base guide on how to fit in a solid thirty minute workout on a treadmill. The whole idea behind this plan is to switch up the speed and intensity in which you train at to burn off calories faster than you would at a steady consistent pace.

This will work both with or without incline, so if you find yourself with a model without incline, just ignore that and switch up the pace.

7 Minutes – The warm up phase, jog at a slow, consistent pace. This is to ensure muscles are ready for the rigorous workout ahead.

4 Minutes – Up the belt speed to a moderate pace by your standards. You will want a speed that is pushes you, but you know you can maintain it for prolonged periods of time.

1 Minute – Up the speed to a higher intensity, not quite a sprint, but you want something the will really push you to your limits for a minute.

2 Minutes – Reduce pace down to moderate and catch your breath.

1 Minute – Back up to intensive pace, try to push yourself slightly harder than before.

2 Minutes – Back to moderate. Breathe

1 Minute –  Up to intensive mode, you should be feeling the burn in your legs by now!

2 Minutes – Give those legs a rest on moderate.

1 Minute – Give it everything you have left in the tank in this minute.

2 Minutes – Back to moderate, bring your breathing and heart rate down.

7 Minutes – Warm down, very light jogging and walking.

There you have it. A basic, but very effective training session that can be done in 30 mins!