Exerpeutic 1000 review

Today we look at the Exerpeutic 1000 recumbent exercise bike to help you readers get a solid understanding of where it excels and where it falls short, to aid you in your search for a new cardio machine.

This is a low budget model that can still offer riders plenty of comfort along with some top notch training functions to support you in building stamina and losing weight.

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Whatever your training goals are, a solid cardio regime is extremely important to remain in shape and maintain a healthy weight. Alongside strength training and a good diet, cardio will really help your breathing as well as stamina. And the 1000 bike will certainly provide you with a good platform from which to work out on.

However, it’s important to get some knowledge before you make any rushed decisions that may be financially ill advised. So we have compiled several features into two lists, one positive, and one negative to assist you below.

  • One of its most important part in choosing any new piece of fitness equipment is the price tag. Sometimes we find things are outside our budget, which can be frustrating, despite it being perfect for our needs. This bike however, will not cost very much and will still offer plenty of training capabilities to aid you build your endurance up.
  • Even the top tier recumbent bikes,  share several design features. The step through design and seat ensures riders are comfortable as they peddle while also playing its part in reducing the chances of picking up and injury or niggles.
  • A 300 pound weight capacity is quite similar to the Vision Fitness R20 and Diamondback 510sr. It’s certainly a good capacity to have as it demonstrated the strength of the product combined in the frame, parts, accessories, and stabilizers.
  • The peddles come with straps attached to prevent your feet accidentally falling off while peddling. Again, another simple safety measure put in place by Exerpeutic, that shows they care about consumer welfare.
  • Good for both tall and short people looking to exercise with adjustments enabling users to switch between leg lengths between five foot three and six foot three. This in enough for the majority of the population, although taller users than the limit listed here may want to opt for something else.
  • A reasonably compact design that measures 54 inches in length by 22 inches in width by 34 inches in height. One of the first characteristics we look for in the gyms for home use is how much space a machine takes up.
  • Smart computer covers and tracks all the necessary data about your latest cycle.


  • Whilst offering plenty of options for the price, it’s never going to compete with the high end models technology or capabilities.


The Exerpeutic 1000 could be an excellent addition to your personal gym. When space is of a premium, compactness is important, and this gives users that option. Whats more, lengthy stabilizers and a great design allow it to punch above its weight with a user capacity of up to 300 pounds, which is quite impressive for the price.