Exerpeutic 1200 review

For those of you wanting to save space but still retain many great exercise features, may want to look at the Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike.

Including a great selection of specs such as the compact design, comfortable seating, and easy to alter difficulty levels, this machine has gone from strength to strength and has received plenty of positive feedback from consumers and fitness enthusiasts around the web.

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As usual, we take time to research fitness equipment and determine their overall quality by following our buying guide which contains all the important information of what makes a particular product good and what makes them bad.

Listed below we take a look at the ways the 1200 could benefit you in a home setting by analyzing its design and functionality.

  • An over sized saddle that is well padded is clearly designed with rider comfort in mind. Which is as important a reason as any, with those longer cardio sessions taking their toll on people with less comfortable seating options.
  • This same seating will adjust easily for average sized users between five foot three and six foot one. If you’re taller than these, you may want to look elsewhere for a different upright bike.
  • A folding design isn’t something that is a given for a exercise bike. Most are stationary and come as they are, but do include transport wheels for added mobility. This ones ability to fold however, creates and saves much more space than more traditional designs which can only be seen as a plus point.
  • For those of you working with a small budget, this could be ideal. From researching various sources online, we would categorize this as a low cost option that will work well for casual use at home.
  • Looking around the web, there is no shortage of feedback and ratings from consumers. Because the positive comments are currently outweighing the negatives, this can be taken as a good sign.
  • Comes with a LCD computer display that provides all the need to know workout information in one place.
  • Quiet operation is ensured through its V belt drive system and precision balanced flywheel. Along with quiet operation usually comes smoothness in the peddling motion to.


  • Because of its affordable, user friendly nature, there isn’t a huge amount of technology included.
  • The same applies to the resistance levels on offer. There are only eight differing levels of tension which may be suitable for beginners and casual riders, but for someone looking for a bit more, it may not be enough. Consider looking at this bike, if that’s the case.


As a whole, the Exerpeutic folding magnetic exercise bike may not be considered one of the more technologically advanced cardio machines in the industry. However, if you have been searching for a trainer that offers convenience and simplicity for everyday use from home, this could be a good match.