Exerpeutic 4000 review

One of the first things we noticed about the Exerpeutic 4000 was how the seating was designed. It’s much more padded than your average recumbent bike and the fabric allows air to flow through.

It’s a cardio machine with some great training options such as it’s twenty four different tension levels to work with and smart tracking technology to understand how you performed.

All in all, this is a solid medium tier bike, which experts and consumers have been rating highly so far around the net.

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  • Manufactured by Exerpeutic who are well known for designing exercise products that focus on user comfort, and how a cardio machine can work best for people with mobility issues or those of you recovering from injuries. Thismodel is no different, with ‘Air soft’ fabric on the seating, plus a mesh back.
  • There is padding on the arm rests, a nice touch that is not something you see very often in the exercise bike market. In fact, many options don’t even come with arm rests.
  • The seating will not be limited to a specific position and can adjust for users between five foot and six foot three. People who are taller or shorter than this recommendation, may want to look elsewhere.
  • Includes twenty four levels of magnetic resistance, which is two above what the ProForm 6.0 ES provides, and much more than the 510sr.
  • It also demonstrates how stable and strong the frame is with a user weight capacity of 325 pounds. When you research similar models, you will find this is above the average weight capacity.
  • Sensors are built in that monitor your heart rate through your hands.
  • Reasonably priced for whats included within the specs.
  • When you have finished exercising, you can use the attached transport wheels to roll it into a storage area.


  • Some shorter people who purchased the Exerpeutic 4000 were unhappy because the seat does not adjust close enough for them to reach the peddles comfortably.
  • Some conflicting information regarding the frame. With some commenting that it feels very sturdy, whilst others have noticed is wobbles and flexes when you ride.
  • Some could argue that it’s quite limited in the form of exercise programs with just twelve.


The obvious merits of it’s design are it’s comfort features. There has clearly been a lot of thought in the design process in ensuring there is appropriate support for riders who will be consistently working out using it for long periods of time.

The ‘Air Soft’ seating is quite a bit more padded than some of it’s counterparts including the Schwinn 230, which doesn’t offer much in the form of padding. To give you an idea, the thickness of it’s seat is three and a half inches. The fabric is great for allowing air to flow freely and keep the rider cool. This also applies to the mesh back.

On the arm rests, there are also pads which will help prevent arm aches and unnecessary stress on the forearms on long rides.

Transportation wheels are a common feature on most modern bikes, but a necessary one at that. The Exerpeutic 4000 is no different and will be easy to move around when needed.

And lets not forget, the impressive three hundred and twenty five pound weight capacity. This is certainly a cheaper option when you look at this weight limit and gives us a strong indication of it’s strength and the sturdiness the frame offers along with the materials it was built with.

Exercise features

Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of this bike is the fact it is quite limited in workout programs. When you look at recumbent exercise bikes around the web, you will notice that more often than not, they exceed the twelve provided here.

However, it does redeem itself with a good amount of choice in resistance. Users can adjust the tension levels between one and twenty four, which is certainly above the average at the price point, and a solid amount for beginners to work their way through, improving their stamina as they go.

Console and data tracking

Control and navigate through all the training options using the consoles interface, which is extremely user friendly and readable. The resistance level and programs you choose to work with can be set here with the push of a button. This is much more convenient than older, more traditional styles, where you would change the difficulty using a knob or dial.

The console also comes with a computer display that provides riders with detailed information and feedback on performance, speed, time, distance, heart rate, and several others. All of these can be used to sculpt your exercise regime to fit your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Can you adjust the seating?

Yes, its possible to slide the seating closer or further away from the peddles on its sliding rail, which is great news for households with a variety of leg lengths. However, you can’t adjust the height.

What are the noise levels?

Most reports we’ve come across describe it as operating very quietly. No rattling, squeaks, or other frustrating sounds whilst peddling. This can be attributed partly to the magnetic tension drive system.

How durable is it?

Its quite difficult to gauge this from our research. However, two pieces of consumer feedback we have found talk about having it for just over a year and it still works fine. So we can say its at the very least quite durable.

Is the charger included?

Yes, the charger comes with the packaging

What are consumers saying?

Overall, in most Exerpeutic 4000 reviews we’ve come across, there is a lot of positive things being said. There are clearly a lot of happy customers that are quite a bit more visible than the unhappy ones, and the ratings reflect this.

Common thoughts include appreciation on how sturdy and stable it is, how comfortable it is, and how affordable it is.

Negative comments talk about bolts on the seating not staying tight, and not being adjustable enough for shorter people.


We believe the feedback and ratings found around the web speak for themselves. The Exerpeutic 4000 is arguably one of the most comfortable recumbent bikes the market has to offer, With twenty four levels of difficulty, it’s not short of training functions to keep your workouts intensive either. If you are unsure on what to get for your home gym, this model is definitely worth taking into consideration.

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