Exerpeutic 5000 review

The 5000 elliptical machine is yet another first rate cardio trainer from Exerpeutic Fitness. They specialize in making gym equipment that is comfortable, and easy to use, and quite often, that goes hand in hand with injury rehabilitation, and those with joint issues.

However, this machine is also fantastic for personal use with a exceptional specification list that’s full of features that will ensure your workout regime is challenging, yet effective. Consumer reports and opinions indicate a top quality machine for a good price.

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  • Without making too many comparisons, it offers a very similar stride length (eighteen inches) to that of the Diamondback Fitness 1260EF. Consider the differences in prices, this still offers plenty of room to push yourself.
  • Interestingly, when we first look at the design and specs, we found the fact that it’s so inexpensive surprising.
  • The 5000 has an excellent range of resistance built in, totaling twenty four levels of magnetic tension, which puts it on par with the 12.0 NE from ProForm. Both are excellent gym machines.
  • The handlebars are dual action, allowing users to pump there arms as they stride, providing a more complete workout that brings both arms, and legs into the movement.


  • If we’re fishing for negatives, we would argue that the 5000 doesn’t come equipped with enough choice in exercise programs and applications. It’s listed as twelve, which when you compare to the 27 offered by the Schwinn 470, is quite low. But then again, this could be Exerpeutic’s way of getting the balance between value for money and a feature rich elliptical trainer.


The design is quite standard, with smooth, fluid peddles, alongside dual action arms. The perhaps lesser known inclusion is the double transmission drive system which enables the manufacturer to keep it fairly compact and save space. To give you an idea of the space required to use this machine effectively, the footprint will be as follows: 55″ length by 25″ width by 64″ in height. Meaning it will in most cases fit into a reasonably small space in your household.

A eighteen inch stride length falls in the average range, but may be a little small for taller users. However, for those of you who are not a giant, this could be an ideal length and will allow you to peddle forwards and backwards, both of which target different muscle fibers.

Exercise features

Training functionality can sometimes fall short in cheaper elliptical trainers. What you will find with the 5000 cross trainer though, is a wealth of choice in resistance, and plenty of reasons to stay consistent in how you workout.

Twenty four separate magnetic style tension levels will ensure users can choose to increase and decrease the intensity levels as well as keeping things reasonably challenging. The only way to make great progress is by constantly pushing yourself through your comfort barriers. This machine will help you do just that.

The handlebars move alongside the peddles to work both upper and lower body muscles as well as providing a full body exercise motion that helps burn off calories leading to weight loss.

Console and data tracking

The console provides twelve exercise programs, plus a monitor to control everything from resistance, through to seeing how quickly you complete a set distance, the amount of watts produced, and excellent data about your heart rate.

Mobile application tracking is another angle which you can constantly strive to improve results and compete with friends and family across social media platforms and much more.

What are consumers saying?

For the price, we can’t deny that this elliptical has amassed an excellent score across many online shops and blogs. The main selling point appears to be the value for money, meaning whats included for a relatively cheap price.

Some negatives we found were related to set up time being longer than what they expected and sporadic reports of clicking noises in the crank system when first set up.


The Exerpeutic 5000 certainly isn’t lacking in features. The specs paint a picture of an elliptical that can add intensity to your home cardio workouts, while keeping things interesting with the use of apps. Excellent value, and top class reports and opinions from consumers around the web.

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