Exerpeutic 900XL review

For those of you working with a limited budget, we recommend looking at the Exerpeutic 900XL. Essentially, it has many of the features one would associate with higher tier exercise bikes, but for a very affordable price.

You kind of expect cheaper products to be less sturdy, in this case however, it boasts a surprising 300 pounds maximum weight capacity. This is a strong indicator of stability and quality of the frame.

It offers smart design features too that center around keeping the rider as comfortable as possible. A best seller in many shops, and we believe it’s for good reason.

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  • Reasonably compact. It will not take up a whole lot of space measuring at just 22 x 34 x 54″ fully assembled. Great for use in the corner of a room, and storing away after your workouts.
  • Eight levels of resistance built in. These varying levels of difficulties can bring a fresh challenge to your cardio training. The type of resistance it runs on is magnetic.
  • Handy screen at the front to track data like distance cycled and calories burned.
  • Inexpensive. A lot of recumbent exercise bikes come with unnecessary bells and whistles that push the price up higher than it needs to be. This machine keeps the essentials and strips away the rest, which is a recipe for a very affordable bike.
  • Comfortable. Exerpeutic are known for producing bikes that center around injury rehabilitation and keeping users comfortable while riding. This design is no different with a notable step through design and padded seating.
  • Large user weight capacity of 300 pounds that puts it on par with the Nautilus R614, which is quite a bit more expensive.
  • Recumbent style takes a lot of weight and stress off the joints and muscles on the rider, lowering the risk of people picking up injuries.


  • While the 900xl does add various challenges to your workouts, it does not quite offer the same amount of choice in resistance as some other popular recumbent bikes such as the Schwinn 270.
  • The console and tracking technology is not as advanced as some upper tier options.


Lessening the impact on key joints used whilst exercising should be at the forefront of every brands design process. In our opinion user comfort and support are two very important inclusions in any exercise product.

The 900xl offers both. Plenty of support, with a solid, stable frame, plus lower impact can be expected through much of the users weight being taken by the machine unlike treadmills where the majority of weight falls on the legs and feet.

Staying on the subject of comfort, the seating is padded on the back and the bottom, which is great for those long distance rides. It can also be adjusted by being moved closer towards the peddles (or further away) using a peg system.

Moving onto the peddles, it’s equipped with toe/foot straps that are specifically designed to prevent slippage and secure a users feet in place to prevent injuries from occurring.

The combination of a strong frame that can handle cyclists up to three hundred pounds with the leg stabilizers, underline the fact that it’s a very sturdy platform that will hold it’s own in every day home gym use.

It operates on a V-belt drive system and a precision balanced flywheel. Both of which ensure the peddling motion is fluid, consistent, and smooth. With that, it will also run very quietly which is ideal for home use.

And to top that all off, it’s not a very large cardio machine. Measuring at just 22 x 34 x 54″, and weighing 70 pounds, it’s going to be easy and much more convenient to move around the home than some larger, bulkier options in the industry. Made even easier by transportation wheels, which take the majority of the lifting work out of the equation.

Exercise features

So while it may not be the most powerful platform to exercise on, or the most advanced, there is still plenty of areas where it excels.

Despite the low price, there is a whole range of training functions that can help keep you focused and pushing yourself towards your training goals, be it overall endurance or just getting in shape for the summer.

The eight levels of magnetic style resistance give a decent amount of choice in the amount of difficulty and weight riders feel on the peddles. Working your way through these may be a challenge in itself, but if not there is always the built in console data.

Console and data tracking

A small monitor and console attached to the front of the Exerpeutic 900xl is where cyclists can monitor everything they want to know about their exercise regime.

The distance peddled, calories burned off, speed at which you went, the amount of time you took, and heart rate which can be monitored using the built in hand sensors.

All of these can be noted down, and used as a target to break. Breaking personal bests is a great way to progressively improve fitness.

What are consumers saying?

When we conducted our research around the web for low budget recumbent bikes, this was a regular feature and a best seller at many sources. Further analysis of how consumers rated it showed that it has a large user base that has posted positive feedback about it for long periods of time.

Many users comments focus on the value for money, how quiet it runs, and easy assembly.

Negative thoughts included users who has problems with adjusting the tensions after a certain amount of weeks. Not a hugely common problem in most cases however.


As a low budget home exercise bike, the Exerpeutic 900XL shines. The affordability and structure alone make this one of our top rated. Then there is the thousands of customers who have been very happy with their purchases backing up our thought that this is a quality bike, that offers great value for money.

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