Fitleader UF4 review

For simplicity and user friendliness, the UF4 exercise bike can provide some solid features for people working with a lower budget.

A selection of resistance between one and eight, a reasonably compact design that enables people to adjust the saddle, and a reasonable weight capacity of 250 pounds, could make this a inexpensive alternative to conduct your cardio.

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Those of you just discovering the benefits of exercise to your well being and just starting out on a cardio training journey will find the eight variations of built in tension sufficient. As you progress your stamina and fitness, you may wish to upgrade to something with a bit more performance such as the Nautilus u616, which comes with significantly more levels of resistance but you can expect to fork out a larger sum of cash.

If your current living situation requires you to move the product around the house when not in use, it comes with transportation wheels attached to wheel it around to a position of your liking. However, even if you were to prefer lifting it to transport it, it’s not particularly heavy.

A natural upright design and a padded saddle that can be adjusted to different heights dependant on the user, will ensure you are comfortable throughout all stages of your training.

Not forgetting, the computer readouts displayed at the front of the bike. It will give accurate readings on various performance aspects of the latest ride including speed, distance, RPM, and time.


The 250 pound weight capacity falls short of what many leading brands are offering in this industry. However, this also comes down to the current price tag too. But there are several low tier alternatives that offer a 300 pound limit like the Stamina 5325.


All things taken into account, the UF4 is clearly a entry level exercise bike. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks quality for beginners and intermediates. On the contrary, there is a choice in resistance, and plenty of choice of how you position yourself as you peddle by being able to change the handlebars and saddle.