Best recumbent bike for seniors

Staying fit after sixty is just as important as someone who is thirty. The many health benefits of exercise are recognized across the globe, and it should not be forgotten about.

There are several recommendations we make for elderly users, with particular focus on the ease of getting on and off of the machine, clearly readable text on the display console, and something that is relatively low impact on joints and muscles.

The Schwinn 270 – A very popular choice, not just among older consumers, but the younger generation too. It is very accessible, offers plenty of support on the seating area, and will provide a workout with a lower impact than treadmills.


The Exerpeutic 4000 – Comfort is ensured with the 4000, with a excellent brand who’s reputation is partly built on providing comfortable, long lasting rehabilitation cardio machines. This particular model will provide everything you need for your daily workout and more. Naturally lesser impact due to it’s reclined seating position.


The Diamondback Fitness 510SR – Users will be able to adjust seating positions very easily, and will be provided with a excellent console, that is simple to navigate, and provide excellent statistics to help you track progress.


All of these options are superb choices for the older population because they have unique design features that will help overcome obstacles you may encounter on other types of exercise bike.

Why should senior users choose a recumbent bike?

  • They tend to have larger seats than their upright counterparts, and more choice in adjustment options. Both of these things ensure the rider is as comfortable as possible. Discomfort can lead to aches and pains in the muscles.
  • The display console is right in front of your eyes. Sometimes cardio machines provide consoles that are too small and text that’s unreadable unless you get in close. The great thing about the models above, is that they have, for the most part, larger than average screens.
  • Easy to put together. While some products can take hours upon hours to put together, with overly complex designs, recumbent bikes tend to be easy to build out of the packaging.
  • Anything to do with changing the resistance, or adjusting the seat are all within arms reach. And you can do most of this whilst sitting down at the bike exercising.
  • Affordability. They can be a great deal cheaper than other home gym machines.

Whatever you choose, we always suggest putting as much research as you can in before you buy. This list will be updated as new models come out, so check back later!