Freemotion 250 Review

Upright bikes are a good way to stay in shape whilst having the extra freedom that comes with exercising at home. The 250 model is equipped with some simple, yet effective features that will help you reach your fitness potential.

Twenty levels of resistance will test both your endurance and leg strength, whilst there is also over twenty workout applications built into the console to keep things interesting.

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Main features

Like many of the top rated upright stationary bikes, the features and specifications can make or break them. So today, we’re going to go through the important specs below to help you decide whether this is a suitable match for your home cardio needs or not.

  • One thing that consumers sometimes are concerned about, especially those building their own personal gym, is how much space equipment takes up. Some machines can get bulky, so for someone with limited space or in a smaller household, this can present a problem. This bike however, isn’t particularly big measuring 43.5 inches in length by 25 inches in width by 59.5 inches in height.
  • The recommended capacity for users is listed as two hundred and seventy five pounds. We say on the whole the three hundred pound mark is about average, so for a mid to lower priced item, it’s not too bad.
  • Operates on the quieter magnetic style tension. Work your way through twenty levels of varying difficulty that can be controlled digitally through the console.
  • The display itself measures five inches and will show many of the standard stats you associate with most modern fitness equipment like calories burned off, distance covered, speed, time taken etc.
  • It includes twenty two exercise applications that are made to keep things challenging and interesting. The apps themselves are designed by a professional to aid your progress.
  • A seventeen pound flywheel isn’t the heaviest in this industry, nor will it provide the smoothest peddling motion. However, for the budget range, this will be sufficient for the majority of riders.


The Freemotion 250 gives users a decent range of choice when it comes to mixing up the intensity at which you train at. The variety provided in twenty magnetic resistance levels will help users from all fitness backgrounds push towards their goals. Additionally, the ability to track your workout data and having a selection of exercise apps to train through, makes things interesting. Considering it doesn’t fall into the more expensive price bands, this could be well worth taking into consideration.

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