Freemotion 645 Review

The 645 elliptical machine operates on a front drive system with multiple ways to switch up your training to keep things fresh and challenging.

You get the ability to control the tension digitally through the consoles navigation menus, plus use the various training data readouts on the screen at the front to track how your exercise regime is progressing in terms of time and distance improvements. This could be a potential choice for those wanting a machine for working out at home.

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Main features

We look through several of its standout features below to gauge what sort of functionality users can expect, as well as the quality of the workout.

  • You can record your pulse rate by utilizing the grip sensors. This will note down and feed the heart rate data to the computer display at the front.
  • Contains twenty two levels of tension that will provide a resistance on each stride you take. The higher up the difficulty level you go, the harder it is to push out the strides. The inclusion of many of these levels ensure people who are beginners, alongside those with more advanced fitness abilities get to work with a tension they are comfortable with.
  • In addition to resistance controls, you can also increase the difficulty further by adding an incline to the workout. You are able to set a ramp of up to twenty percent, depending on how challenging you want it to be.
  • The foot peddles on the bottom are designed to be over sized and include comfort features like cushioning and angle adjustment to ensure your legs and feet don’t take too much of an impact when each stride turns over.
  • Make use of the numerous readouts on the console that will let you understand how your training is coming along. Some of its more important statistics recorded include time, calories, and distance.
  • It can hold a user weight capacity of up to three hundred and twenty five pounds, which is about average, maybe slightly above average for this price point.


The FreeMotion 645 could be a smart investment for those of you building your own personal gym. For cardio training, this will provide a good mixture of intensity, resistance, and challenges to get you sweating off those excess calories. However, it’s not recommended for people looking for a bargain. For that, you should have a look at other elliptical exercise machines here.

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