Fuel FE44 review

Never overlook the smaller brands the industry has to offer. Doing so may make you overlook some great options like the FE44 elliptical machine. And at first glance, the specs look like they have plenty to offer fitness enthusiasts.

Featuring a console that is filled with some great preset workout programs, and plenty of resistance to work through, this could be a sensible choice for conducting exercise at home.

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The benefits of going for a cross trainer like this involves the amount of impact your knees and other joints take on board throughout the striding motion. It’s probably the most effective way to absorb the impact, ensuring people with long term injury problems in places like ankles can get a decent training session done without the worry of long term injury.

A fifteen pound flywheel operating on a front drive system, and electro-magnetic resistance, will produce a smooth ride that’s consistent and fluid. The good side effects of that mean this will operate reasonably quietly allowing you to watch TV whilst you exercise uninterrupted.

The FE44 contains arguably the most important things in a elliptical trainer, that being a computer console. Get more knowledge about how your training is coming along by reading the data on the five and a half inch LCD display at the front of the machine. You can get all kinds of data from it including watts, time, distance, pulse rate, and other important statistics regarding the resistance level you are currently striding on.

Holds its own against much of the competition with a choice of twenty different magnetic tension levels. This puts it on level pegging with the likes of the Nautilus E614 and several other popular elliptical exercise machines. This variety will ensure it won’t matter if you’re currently in shape or not, there is a difficulty setting that is right for you.

A user weigh capacity limit of 325 pounds is slightly above the industry average at this price range and shows the build quality of its frame and in materials used. Durability is always something you should look at, especially if you have multiple people using it on a daily basis.


The stride length is pretty average at eighteen inches. For the price it would be nice if it could offer nearer to the twenty inch mark like the Endurance 520 E. This will make it more convenient and comfortable for people of a taller height as they tend to have longer strides.


The Fuel FE44 holds several key ingredients that we believe add up to a reliable home cardio trainer. For starters, there is plenty of resistance for a wider range of fitness levels. Then you look at the recommended weight capacity, and you can see there is some durability on offer here. Then top it off with the fact that it still manages to provide a solid warranty policy that covers you for life on the frame and motor.