Fuel FE48 review

Running on an electro-magnetic breaking system in combination with a 21 pound flywheel, the FE48 elliptical machine will produce a smooth and quiet striding motion that can be attributed to lower amount of impact on body joints and muscles.

Whilst it may not be among the most popular options currently available,  it does hold enough in the spec to give users a decent workout from home for people working with a medium budget.

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We take a look at the spec further below to highlight the areas in which it may be helpful to you, and areas where it’s clearly lacking.


A nice and large, back lit screen is certainly one of the positives. A clear line of vision to the workout statistics is important, and this machine provides just that. Within these stats, users will find useful information related to the distance covered, time spend striding, and RPM. It’s my personal view that without this information available to you, you can’t make assumptions on your progress. This access to training data will enable you to record and try and beat previous records. In doing so, serves as a fantastic motivational tool.

The console area surrounding the screen has some handy menu buttons that are well labelled and easy to control. Examples of these user friendly buttons include changing up the incline settings, quick start and stop, and various buttons for individual workout applications.

The FE48 includes several pre-set exercise programs to keep you busy. Several examples of these include interval training, hill climbing, strength, cardio, fat burning, and the ability to rotate between different users.

The twenty one pound flywheel and magnetic resistance will keep the workout movement smooth and fluid. The tension levels included are numerous, ensuring people who aren’t as fit as others can get a workout that fits there needs too. In fact, there are twenty differing levels of tension to work through in total.

It comes with a decent warranty policy that includes three years on working parts, one year on labor, and perhaps the more common lifetime coverage on the frame.

Fuel Fitness recommends a 325 pound weight limit for users, which isn’t bad considering many of its competitors only reach 300 pounds, like this one.


Not well suited for those looking for something on a small budget. You may want to research into what the Exerpeutic 5000 can do for you if that’s the case. However, if your looking for a medium tier model for squeezing cardio in at home, this could still be a great match.


The Fuel FE48 is a decent model for the price range. The inclusion of a decently weighted flywheel, numerous resistance levels, and easy to navigate controls certainly help its case. However, as with anything, be sure you look at other elliptical trainers on the market before you decide to buy anything.