Gold’s gym trainer 720 review

A decent amount of depth in training functions is ensured by the 720 treadmill thanks to a great set of specifications that include eighteen exercise programs, incline training, cushioning and a decent motor.

If that’s not enough of a indicator of its quality, you can always look at the various online consumer reviews that are certainly more positive at this point in time than negative.

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On first looks, this treadmill looks like a promising option for home exercise. There is a good amount of training options available to users, and what appears to be a modern design that will handle what most users throw at it. But to find out more about it, we dug a little deeper to get the full picture of its main qualities and how it can benefit you, the runner.

  • Eighteen varying workout applications is enough to keep you pushing yourself, and finding new ways to train. And its this variety that will help you strive to reach your training targets. Obviously, this is nowhere near the caliber of the FreeMotion 860, but it provides more depth than many options offered by the industry such as the AFG 5.3AT.
  • Choose between a zero and ten percent climb. This incline feature will make things quite a bit more difficult than just running on a flat tread belt day to day, and mixing both of them is advised for the best possible results, while hitting your leg muscles hardest.
  • The frame and components are clearly quite durable for the home environment with a manufaturer recommendation of three hundred pounds user weight limit of its running belt. Again, not quite in the same league as the impressive Sole Fitness F85, but more than holds its own against competitors in its own price tier.
  • Monitor your heart rate whilst you jog using grip pulse readers that read and submit the information to the smart console at the front of the machine.
  • Also included within the console area are music ports, a workout fan, and computer display that will display all the necessary workout data for users to understand and interpret their performance data.
  • A solid warranty policy that includes twenty five years on the motor, and lifetime on the frame. You will also get one year warranty on the labor and working parts.


With any positives, there are also negatives, and it’s those negatives that we wish to highlight below so you are made aware of those before you decide to purchase anything.

  • Some users felt the workout fan was not strong enough for their requirements.
  • There were also a couple of complaints noting that the heart readings were not fully accurate.


Having looked at and analyzed the specifications, and functions on offer thoroughly, we believe the 720 is one of the better machines you can buy at this price. There is a good amount of focus on training, and enough in the design to make you think twice about choosing another product. We believe this product deserves consideration.