Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 review

Running enthusiasts looking for something spacious when in use, but also with the ability to save space when not in use, will want to take a look at the Adventure 3 treadmill from Horizon Fitness.

Researching more into it’s specs, we found there is no shortage of training features that can and will really help boost your workout regime.

Cushioning on the belt ensures users have a comfortable, injury free run, and the large amount of space on the belt removes that feeling of being enclosed and needing to limit your stride lengths.

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  • Easy to assemble and set up. No one wants to spend too much time working out which screws go where.
  • A decent sized running surface measuring 55 by 20 inches. This may not be close to the large tread belt of the Sole F85, but it will be fine for most runners.
  • ViaFit compatible. A great way to share results across social media applications with your friends.
  • Built in system to the belt that cushions and flexes the belt each time your foot impacts it, similar to the cell cushioning of the Cadence r 5.2. Greatly reduces stress on the joints, especially the knees.
  • Plenty of information about your run is available on the computer console. Learn how quick you jogged, how long, and how far with easily understandable data. Use this data to try to beat personal bests and much more.
  • Strong and stable frame that has a suggested 300 pound weight limit. Designed to handle the daily use in a family home.
  • Great warranty including lifetime on the frame and motor.
  • Incline options available to increase run difficulty.


  • Not a low budget model. If your looking for a cheap option, the adventure 3 is probably not for you. While the quality may not be up to the same level, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill could be a suitable alternative.
  • Because it’s a newer model, there hasn’t been as many reviews as some of the more established treadmills on the market. You shouldn’t look too much into this however. Horizon Fitness have a proven track record with exercise equipment, and often are highly rated in the majority of products we research into.


As you are probably already aware, this is a hydraulic folding treadmill. To give you an idea of the space saved when folded, the dimensions are 45 by 34 by 61 inches. Not that big a footprint really and in most cases shouldn’t get in the way of day to day activities, and shares some similarities to the Elite T9 model. A great feature for storage purposes too.

The fully assembled dimensions are 71 by 34 by 54 inches, offering plenty of running surface to pick up the pace and stretch out your stride lengths.

Comfort should be at the front of your mind when buying any form of cardio equipment. We feel a lot of brands go wrong when their isn’t the appropriate amount of cushioning and flex to reduce the impact on runners joints. The Adventure 3 comes equipped with a three zone cushioning system that is ideal for those of you who tend to pick up injuries from prolonged exercise.

As we have come to expect from Horizon, structure and strength is a important part of their design process. A early indicator or durability is the manufacturer’s recommended user weight capacity limit. In this case it’s set at 300 pounds, which is respectable, and fine for the vast majority of running enthusiasts.

It runs on the 2.5 CHP Johnson drive system which enables it to operate very smoothly and quietly. There is also the argument that because this system operates on low RPM’s the wear and tear of everyday use is significantly reduced, further improving it’s durability.

Exercise features

Tread belt speed can go anywhere between 0.5 and 12 miles per hour. This keeps up with some of the more popular treadmills such as the ProForm Power 1495 and the highly rated Elite T7 from Horizon. Plenty of variety for the regular runners to keep things fresh, but also low enough for people new to the world of fitness to go at walking speeds and work their way up gradually.

Combined with the speed, it’s also equipped with incline settings. This can be set at levels between 0 and 12 percent.

The extra intensity hill running bring to workouts is extremely useful, as overdoing the same distance, speed, and flat running doesn’t allow your body and fitness to progress as far as you would like due to muscle memory. Keeping things mixed in the form of distance, pace, time, and incline levels is a much smarter way to train.

Workout applications are also quite common in Horizon Fitness’s treadmills. The Adventure 3 is no exception. It has an impressive 30 applications built into the system to keep things fun, and interesting.

Each of these programs will help you focus on improving different aspects of your weight loss regime. There are six calorie based options, ten distance based, 3 interval training and several others that will really help you work towards your exercise goals.

Console and data tracking

Serious runners will constantly be trying to improve their times and speed. That is why it’s important that modern treadmills include tracking data that includes specific information about their runs.

This model includes information regarding time, pace, calories, laps, distance and several others which are all fed back to the computer display in a format that is easily understandable and readable.

Quick start buttons enable users to get going sooner, and easy, one push buttons alter the speed and incline when needed.

Your heart rate can also be taken and fed back to the display using the built in contact grips.


Going through the specifications, and capabilities of the Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 treadmill has highlighted why, despite the mid to higher price tag, it’s good value for money.

The amount included should be valuable to any keen runner with a ton of unique training features to help you increase endurance, burn off fat and improve your general well being.

Ideal for home use too, thanks to it’s folding design that is easily stored when not in use.

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