Horizon Fitness Elite E7 review

The Elite E7 elliptical machine combines comfort with effective training functionality to provide you with a great trainer that could be the next piece of the puzzle as you work towards your ideal physique.

This is a mid to upper tier model that will provide an excellent full body cardio workout by using its dual action arms alongside some brilliant workout programs.

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Knowing whats right and whats wrong for your training needs can be difficult, especially where fitness equipment is concerned. There are so many variables that come into the equation that can make it a good fit or bad fit depending on your own requirements.

We aim to get rid of some of the more common difficulties our reader base faces with the facts about the e7 itself. The way we do this is by looking through the specifications in detail and getting a thorough understanding of how each can positively, or negatively effect your training.

  • What can we say first about this machine? Well first of all the accessibility is excellent. Horizon Fitness have produced a product that pays attention to mobility needs with a low step on height, sensible peddle placement, and practical striding lengths. Along with that is a more natural path for strides to take to prevent your legs or joints getting put under too much pressure as that’s when injuries start to happen.
  • A SIXSTAR frame will ensure everything is as natural as possible, which means user posture will be mostly be correct with correct usage along with a much more fluent motion as the peddles turn over. This can be something some low priced options can lack.
  • The Passport enabled functionality brings a sense of realism with each stride. Connect it to your television and make yourself feel as if you’re out their on the trails.
  • Incline levels will go up to ten degrees for an extra level of intensity when required.
  • Twenty levels of resistance that can all be easily controlled by the navigation on the console. This keeps in in line with some great ellipticals available.
  • A eight and a half inch computer LCD display keeps the training data clear and easy to read.
  • Not many can match it in programs with the exception of this one or this one. The forty two offered here is plenty for even the most enthusiastic of people. Lots of differing apps for many different training purposes to keep you busy.


  • Again, with higher quality elliptical trainers, you will find comes a higher price tag. It’s not for the people looking for a hidden gem for an incredible price. This is for those of you who want a quality machine that stands the test of time.


In our view, the Horizon Fitness Elite E7 has everything a modern cardio trainer should have. Of course, there are areas of improvement such as lowering of the price, or including a slightly more advanced tension levels, but on the whole, you get what you pay for.