Horizon Fitness Elite E9 review

With advanced technology built in, the Elite E9 elliptical machine has all the qualities that are typically seen in best sellers. We have been keeping tabs on this elliptical machine for some time now, researching its features, functions, and various design aspects.

We believe it’s a great option for those of you with a medium to higher budget, who want something low impact and sensible to conduct their cardio training from home on. Aside from convenience, it offers some fantastic workout options too.

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  • A smart touch screen computer with first rate technology will provide a valuable insight into your training, as well as compatibility with well known ViaFit mobile applications. This is a fantastic way to share information about how you’re progressing.
  • Unlike some of its lower priced competitors, you are truly spoiled for choice in how you choose to train, thanks to a large database of exercise programs that will surely keep you busy.
  • A useful inclusion is the polar heart strap which is great for monitoring pulse rate while exercising.
  • Terrific amount of choice available in the levels of resistance. There are twenty different tension settings to work through.
  • If there was any doubt on the strength of its framework, the user weight capacity of 350 pounds should speak volumes towards its durability and longevity. This is a full 50 pounds heavier than the Endurance 520 E, which has plenty of reports of it being a solid elliptical machine.


  • There is no doubt in my mind that this is an expensive model. With an exception range of effective technology on board, it is bound to be above the average price range, but, at the end of the day, it’s all about finding the cardio equipment that meets your fitness needs.


A modern design that would fit in nicely at most commercial style gyms, let alone ones at home. It looks fantastic and has some excellent design features that allow it to stand out from the crowd.

It matches the twenty inch stride length of the Schwinn 470 elliptical, and seems to be the right length to accommodate the average stride length as well as below and above average. This makes it ideal for environments where you have multiple users of different heights.

A nicely weighted, thirty pound flywheel adds quite a bit to the overall feel and quality of the Elite E9. The extra performance and consistency provided by the heavier options are priceless, and will also enable your workouts to become smoother and quieter.

While it does not fold like the Evolve 5, it is not going to take up a huge amount of space measuring 75 by 24 by 66 inches. Not quite compact, but sometimes we find that there is a bit more sturdiness in its frame in slightly bulkier options. When you look at the 350 pound weight capacity limit as recommended by Horizon, that certainly appears to be the case, at least as far as strength and durability goes.

Looking at accessibility, it does appear to be relatively easy to get on and off of with ease. A step on height of just ten inches supports this statement, and the fact that elliptical trainers are lower impact workouts by nature, make this a great choice for people looking to overcome injuries, or perhaps older users looking for something easier to train on.

Exercise features

Users can make the most of the power incline settings which can go up to ten degrees. If you find you need a little intensiveness added into the mix, changing this up can really help you push your body and muscles the limit.

The E9 also includes twenty levels of resistance, which can be adjusted using the smart touchscreen at the front. Anything between fifteen and twenty five tension levels is quite common at this price point, however, it’s important that this variety is in place, in order to progressively train towards your fitness and weight loss goals. If you want something with more resistance, why not have a look at the Nautilus E616, which is a newer model that is gaining popularity among consumers who have purchased it.

Console and data tracking

The console, in our view, is its major selling point. The vast amount of choice in exercise programs and applications win us over. Forty four in total, many choices like not many other models offered by the elliptical machine market.

To give you an idea of what these training programs cover, they have thirteen individual ones that help you work on distance performance, four for interval training, two customization options,  and many others including step, and performance exercises. All of these will ensure people make the most of their potential.

Also attached to the console is a seven inch touchscreen with multiple readouts including distance, calories, speed, RPM, which resistance level, time taken, watts, which incline level, and your current heart rate. All of these statistics can be extremely useful for monitoring progress.


The Horizon Fitness Elite E9 could be a excellent option for exercising at home. We can list off the benefits of doing so, from less commuting time, through to no gym membership fees and the added convenience of not needing to exercise in the cold and rain. That aside, there is also the many workout benefits such as the incline and twenty resistance levels, which will certainly help get the blood pumping. But without a doubt, the amount of exercise apps should certainly be the stand out point here, with forty four challenging settings to train with.

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