Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 review

Featuring plenty of adjustable parts, and a heavy flywheel for smooth operation, the Elite IC7 could arguably become one of your most effective indoor cycling bikes yet.

You are free to choose the intensity levels you work out using a simple, micro adjustment knob at the front that will tweak the tension you ride at, and toe cages on the peddles which can also be switched with a peddle you are more comfortable riding with.

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  • Thanks to a heavy flywheel of forty four pounds and the magnetic resistance built in,  cyclists can expect a consistent, fluid and smooth peddling motion.
  • Speaking of the magnetic tension above, this can be very easily controlled using a dial on the frame of the bike. Tweak it slightly to fit the difficulty you feel you can ride at for prolonged periods of time.
  • Adjustable handlebars ensure riders arms, hands, and wrists remain comfortable with limited stress put on them through keeping them in a position they feel most comfortable in.
  • Also includes an adjustable saddle which can be pushed closer or further away from the peddles to take into account those of you who will be exercising with longer and shorter legs. Nothing too unique here, with plenty of other bikes doing the same.
  • Posture and design mimics several features of traditional road bikes, making it an excellent replacement solution, or temporary option to training at home when you don’t feel like going out in wind or rain.
  • Includes ViaFit connectivity which will enable riders to share everything to do with their workouts should they wish to. Very effective at tracking important exercise data for you to analyze.
  • The peddles that come with the machine have a toe cage and straps to keep you securely attached to the IC7. However, in the event where you feel you would prefer to use your own peddles, this is easily achievable with an interchangeable peddles feature that allows you to swap them over.
  • An excellent brand name  builds it, which has years of experience and has plenty of other great fitness equipment on the market. This adds a little extra trust and reliability into the equation, but should not be something you fully rely on or expect.
  • Transport wheels at the front will help you roll it around the house rather than lift.
  • Two length stabilizers at the end will help the cycle feel sturdy and solid as you peddle, which is always important.


  • Not particularly cheap, but still reasonable given the specification list we have gone through.
  • The computer attached is quite small and text may not be readable enough for some with eyesight issues.


After going through the features and specs, we conclude that the Horizon Fitness Elite IC7 could be a highly effective indoor cycling bike in the right hands with the right plan. For those of you looking for a touch of realism to your home gym experience, why not give it a go?