Horizon Fitness Elite R7 review

The Elite R7 is a recumbent exercise bike that could be part of the puzzle for your successful cardio regime. It certainly has a lot of positives going for it that could be beneficial to your average consumer.

Running on magnetic resistance, this bike will ensure smooth fluid motions are made whilst peddling which alongside the adjusting seat can be the ingredients for a very comfortable and effective ride.

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So what do you factor into the equation when gaining an understanding of the workings and structure of an exercise bike? Well, we at Incressive Fitness have done our best to compile a list of things that may help you decide which are good, and which are bad. You can find that list here.

Using that list we have also worked through the various features that the R7 includes to separate what the advantages and disadvantages of buying this machine would be.

  • Magnetic resistance is well known for producing a highly efficient and smooth peddling motion which has a knock on effect on noise levels. The amount of noise will certainly be at a minimal which is perfect for the home environment.
  • Horizon fall under the umbrella of Johnson Fitness, who have a excellent reputation across the board in this industry. While you shouldn’t make a decision based on this alone, you can expect a certain degree of reliability just by looking at some of their previous releases.
  • The seating is highly adjustable to cater for the many different body types who will be cycling on it. This coupled with a great design that is easily accessible, will make for an excellent all round exercise experience.
  • Includes some smart technology to keep tabs on everything about your workout ranging from the speed at which you peddle through to how long a certain distance has taken you. All of these things can be monitored, tracked, and ultimately improved upon, which for some, can serve as a extra tool in the arsenal for keeping oneself motivated.


  • The biggest issue for many will no doubt be the high price tag. While you can’t really put a price on quality, it’s undeniably an important area to take into account, and unfortunately, this may not provide the best value to you if you’re working with a small budget. Perhaps this bike will be more suitable to your requirements if that’s the case. However, if you’re not too worried about splashing out on something that offers longevity with plenty of capabilities, this could still be a good match for you and your home gym.



Summing up, the Horizon Fitness Elite R7 is certainly something that would fit into many peoples workout regime. A good cycle on it after some weight training or in conjunction with some sports could be a great formula for getting in shape. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure you take time to research everything before you make a decision to buy.