Horizon Fitness Elite T7 review

The Horizon Fitness Elite T7 is a folding treadmill that has a lot of great inclusions in it’s specification list. In this review, we want to find out more about it’s design, exercise options, and rate it’s overall effectiveness.

Most runners need a reliable platform with plenty of space to work with and of course, enough challenge to keep things fresh.

This model does just that with a combination of incline, workout programs and consistent power on the belt that can provide speeds of up to twelve miles per hour.

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  • Folding design for smarter use of space when not in use. Feather light technology makes this easier than ever by taking the majority of the weight. The other plus side of this, is reduced chances of injuries.
  • Despite it’s easy to store design, when fully assembled and in use, it offers a good amount of running surface with running surface measurements of 60 by 20 inches.
  • Cushioning built underneath the tread belt will do a great job of reducing the impact on your knees and ankles.
  • Hill running options available. Run at a incline of up to fifteen percent.
  • Decent power provided by the motor, enabling runners to go at speeds between 0.5 and 12 miles per hour. This variety is great for people of all fitness backgrounds.
  • A large LCD screen that is easily readable and accessible. All data about your workouts can be seen here.
  • The Elite T7 has a huge amount of training programs available. Well above the treadmill industry average.


  • Perhaps limited to users with a larger than average budget. Your quite often get what you pay for with Horizon Fitness. That is why you should expect quality at this price tag. However, if you feel it’s out of reach, there is the Nautilus t616 which is slightly cheaper, has some excellent training functions. There is also one of our featured low budget picks – The Weslo Cadence G 5.9, which has a surprising list of specs for such a low price.


A modernistic design that is perfect for home gym use due to the amount saved with its folding running surface area. Not everyone has the choice to have a single room in the house for exercise and nothing more. A lot of the time, people require that space to double up as something else, and that’s why the new wave of fold up cardio equipment is becoming more and more popular.

All clues point to a solid frame and base too with a recommended weight limit of 350 pounds. This is not quite wear commercial models come in at, but well above the home average.

Generally, tread belts require inspection and lubrication on a regular basis. The T7 tread belt has hard wax integrated into it which reduces then need to check it as often. Maintenance can be frustrating when all you want to do is work out, so this will be a welcome addition to many.

If your the type of person who jogs on treadmills on a regular basis, and find yourself picking up too many injuries and aches, this could be down to lack of cushioning on the running surface. This model is equipped with a cushioning system that flexes with each stride turnover to maximize user comfort.

Assembled dimensions in use are 77 by 36 by 60 inches and when folded, 44 by 36 by 69 inches.

Exercise features

The great thing about the Elite T7 is that runners are spoiled for choice in how they exercise. The amount of workout features built into the system is fantastic, and above what we consider the average at this price point.

It runs on a Johnson drive system with a 2.75 CHP motor, similar to the Reebok ZigTech 710. With this combination, you can expect good performance with consistent speed to the belt, while at the same operating smoothly. This will also mean the noise levels are very low too, making it perfect for home gyms.

Operates at speeds between zero point five and twelve miles per hour. While you can’t expect to be training for 100 meter sprints on it, you can expect to find a suitable platform to train for long distance races such as 10 km and marathons.

The incline range can be changed between zero and fifteen percent depending on how much you want to up the intensity and tempo of your workout.

Perhaps one of its best features is the sheer amount of workout programs built into the console. While it’s not unheard of for Horizon Fitness, it’s not often you find treadmills that go above 30 in this respect elsewhere. The T7 does. With 42 in total, these include training options for a wide variety of purposes including distance running, burning off calories, performance, and interval training.

Console and data tracking

Includes a eight and a half inch, LCD screen which will display all key training data. Understanding and improving on your previous performances and times requires a suitable tracking system in place.

This particular model can record all information related to speed, distance, time taken, calories burned, and laps. Your heart rate (both resting and active), can be tracked using the built in touch sensors. When used correctly, all this data is great for working towards fitness goals over time.

What’s more, this treadmill is compatible with ViaFit, which enables users to send and share exercise data across social media applications with their friends. This a great way to get a bit of a competition going and keeping yourself focused.


As a whole, the Horizon Fitness Elite T7 treadmill provides the full cardio package for home gym users. It’s not going to take up too much space, has tons of exercise applications to work with, and plenty of intensity and difficulty options for a variety of people of differing fitness levels.

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