Horizon Fitness Elite T9 review

If performance and progress are top of your agenda when it comes to exercise, you may want to have a look at buying the Elite T9. Packed full of options to keep your workouts fresh and challenging, it’s quite easy for us to say at first glance that this is an exceptional cardio machine for home gym use.

Incline settings, a powerful motor, and a really modern design are just a few of the long list of things it has going for it. And whilst its not the cheapest option the market offers, there is plenty of quality to be found that make it great value.

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  • A nice and large running surface area measuring sixty by twenty inches giving plenty of breathing space, plus room to pick up the pace and stretch the stride length out.
  • Add a little extra challenge to your jogs using the incline option. Runners can set this anywhere between zero and fifteen percent, dependent on what you feel you can handle. Other top brands utilize hill climbing to great affect as well, with a prime example being the Schwinn 830.
  • A good amount of power provided through the motor allows a respectable belt speed of up to twelve miles per hour. Sometimes treadmills get limited at the ten to eleven miles per hour mark, so the extra bit of pace will come in handy.
  • Includes a folding design like its sister product – the Elite T7, that makes smart use of the space available throughout your household. Overall footprint when folded is just 44 by 36 by 69 inches (length x width x height).
  • A large console with a big display with user friendly navigation, and controls to adjust workout settings.
  • Plenty of workout programs with 44 in total. The amount products offer is often dependent on its price tag, however, this is well above the average and will certainly keep you busy.
  • Great warranty policy provided with lifetime on the motor and framework, five year on working parts, and two year on labor. Usually you find gym machines only offer 90 days labor and two year on its parts, so this is a nice addition.


  • There is no escaping the fact that it’s quite a bit more expensive than your average home treadmill. If you are going to buy this, you should ensure you have your heart set on training regularly, otherwise it could turn out to be a waste of money. The technology built into the system will do a great job in getting you in shape but only if the consistency is there.


If your familiar with Horizon Fitness, you will know they have many treadmills on the market that are very modern and packed to the brim with great technology. That is still the case with the Elite T9. Another great example being the Adventure 3.

While its not the most compact option in the sports industry, it does overcome this with a running surface that folds up nicely to make storage simple and less time consuming. As mentioned above, the footprint when folded and not in use is just 44 x 36 x 69 inches, which isn’t too bad and should slot in most cupboards, or even in the corner of a room without causing an obstruction. Overall dimensions aren’t too bad either, measuring 77 x 36 x 60 inches.

The running area is spacious which isn’t always the case with cheaper variants like the Cadence R 5.2. The belt area measures sixty inches by twenty and will allow you to feel like you can stretch and push yourself more. There is nothing worse than feeling caged in whilst running.

Handy contact grips are also included. They are located at the front on a rail and will take pulse readings of both resting and active heart rate, which will then be sent to the display for you to track and keep tabs on.

And to top all that off, you can expect it to stand the test of time with a strong frame and large 350 pound user weight capacity.

Exercise features

Its quite clear that joggers will not be running out of things to do on the T9 treadmill with a huge list of workout programs – 44 in total that will help you train and improve in different areas such as heart rate, distance running, and weight loss. Keeping motivated is a major problem many newcomers face when taking up exercise, so the more interesting ways to train, the better.

Then you have the performance motor that propels the belt at a speed of your choice between zero and twelve miles per hour. While this isn’t a full out sprinting speed, it’s still a fantastic speed for marathon, middle distance, and general sports training.

Console and data tracking

If you consider the standard readouts available on previous models, such as speed, time, distance, calories, then add to it the ViaFit system that enables users to share there workout data on apps and even with friends, you have a great formula for both an interesting and effective workout.

The display itself is a ten inch touch screen which is simple and easy to navigate. Quick start buttons are available as well as buttons to quickly adjust the speed and program you’re working with.

What are consumers saying?

Because it’s quite a new treadmill to the industry, there is not as much feedback as we would like yet. However, of the consumer reports we did come across, they have been positive with comments on the simplicity of the assembly process, and ease of storage.

This section will be updated as we find more ratings and reviews, so keep an eye out.


The Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is an exceptional machine for home use. It includes some first class features and a long list of specifications that, in our view, puts it right up there with the top rated, industry leaders. With no shortage of training functionality, and a excellent design, we can only see this going from strength to strength in the future.

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