Horizon Fitness Elite U7 review

The Elite U7 upright exercise bike offers users a simple answer to their cardio needs. With some nice touches to the design, including grip heart rate sensors, and magnetic style resistance, this could be one of the smoothest rides yet from Horizon.

It’s ViaFit enabled which brings an extra bit of excitement to your training with the ability to track and share your workout logs with your friends.

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A good stationary bike  needs a lengthy list of things to become what we would consider an excellent upright bike. Luckily for our readers, we have taken time to research and weed out the good and the bad from the U7 to highlight the important, key things that the design that may make it a good purchase for you.

  • The console is really just a computer with a handy display screen that will help you note down all the statistics about your last workout. It will hold all kinds of information that can be shared using the ViaFit technology through social networks, with friends, and with families. Within this info, people will discover what sort of speed they were virtually travelling at, the time taken, and the distance covered among other things.
  • Also built into the console previously mentioned is twenty five individual workout programs for you to use. This is a solid amount that brings it in line with many of its top competitors like this bike and this one. Within these programs, riders will find a heart rate monitoring app which can be used with the grip pulse reader that comes built into the system.
  • The peddles are well thought out in that they are self balancing and consider the requirements of the rider including their safety and protection from injury through the use of toe straps.
  • The saddle is easily adjustable to different height enabling the user to find a good height for their leg length. It also comes with a wider than average design for extra comfort to the user.
  • The Elite U7 is compatible with Passport which gives an extra option for users to expand their training and excitement should things get boring or repetitive. Which is a common complaint among gym goers that give in.
  • The handlebars are designed so that riders can specifically place their hands into different positions or where they feel more comfortable. These are known as multi position handlebars.
  • Twenty levels of tension will keep you working hard and progressing your levels of endurance.
  • Reasonably compact with the manufacturer stating the dimensions as 44 inches by 21 inches by 58 inches.


  • Affordability comes into question in the negatives. While it’s not over the top expensive, some of you may not need something so advanced and may find a lower budget exercise bike may be better suited to your training goals.


Whatever your first thoughts are of its price tag, the Horizon Fitness Elite U7 definitely has some great features about it. Includes plenty of the latest technology within the console along with being compatible with other to make your cardio experience fun.