Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 review

The Evolve 5 elliptical machine from Horizon delivers several important training features to the end user, that will permit you to discover your true fitness potential.

The simple assembly, alongside a sturdy frame, and wealth of resistance options have made this one of our top rated models in the upper price range. This could be ideal for those of you looking for a cardio machine that is durable for your home gym.

And you don’t have to search for for positive feedback from consumers either, despite being a fairly recent release, it has attracted positive ratings from several sources.

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  • Both consumers and experts alike have agreed that putting it together will be very simple. In contrast, the Endurance 520 E from ProForm has several complaints on the amount of time and effort required to assemble it. It overcomes this issue by providing users with an easy to follow three step assembly.
  • Respectable brand known for reliability, results, and strong, sturdy fitness equipment. If previous models are anything to go by, you will see a pattern of positive ratings.
  • The fact that it operates on a easy-lift, hydraulic folding system is something that sets it apart from many of it’s competitors in the industry. The space saved will come in extremely handy for many.
  • With thirty seven built in workout programs, it’s well above the average and something that should be taken into consideration simply because a lot of these applications help you remain determined and motivated to reach your fitness targets.
  • A large console at the front, that has a easy to read screen which will help you keep tabs on your training’s progression.


Despite the many benefits and positives, it’s very rare we come across fitness equipment that is perfect. In fact, there is almost always a downside.

  • While the amount of resistance included is not bad at twenty differing levels, one can not help but think that it could be more at this price tier. We have seen plenty of lower budget models with more tension, and while this is not a deal breaker, it does take away a few quality points from it.
  • Expensive. If you have a higher budget, this may not be a issue, but if you’re working on a tight budget, the Evolve 5 probably isn’t going to be the best option.
  • Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any additional incline settings, which is often used my many to keep the intensity levels of training high.


Offering a stride length of twenty inches, which is the same as the Elite E9, also included is a twenty three pound flywheel, it’s well on par with some of the best machines out there and will give a fluid, smooth base to train off. This seems to be a very common stride length, and one that is universal and fitting for the wide majority of people exercising from home.

One clear selling point here includes it’s ability to fold the frame and save space. Not everyone has a mansion to place gym equipment where they see fit, so for those of us with limited places to put them, this feature will be very handy indeed, making storage so much easier.

To give you an idea of it’s overall footprint, the dimensions of the Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 come to: 69 by 28 by 69 inches. And when folded, this decreases to 41 by 28 by 69 inches. Both of these are measured length x width x height.

And a three hundred pound weight capacity that’s quite standard for this price range, and one that doesn’t offer too many surprises. It is suitable and strong enough for everyday use and a clear indication that it’s got a durable frame.

After analyzing what consumers say as well as experts, we also believe it’s got a very quick and convenient set up system that’s completed in three steps. Perfect for those of you who are impatient at finding where specific bolts and screws go.

Exercise features

What sets the Evolve 5 apart from some of it’s competitors is the huge number of exercise programs installed. In total there are thirty seven. Usually, we expect this to be numbered somewhere between fifteen and twenty five, so this is quite impressive from our point of view.

To outline what some of these applications do, thirteen are related to distance training, three interval, nine look at calories burned, four look at improving user performance, plus plenty more including fully customized options.

There is also twenty levels of electronically controlled tension. A solid amount for both beginner and intermediate to work through. Some may argue it’s a little light here, but it’s a got a good amount to work with to start off with.

Console and data tracking

On closer inspection of the console, we can see there is a great deal of tracking options that will definitely improve your ability to understand and interpret workout data. It shares quite a lot of similarities to the Nautilus e614 in this respect.

Several examples include information related to your heart rate (which is monitored using the grip handles at the front), distance, speed, time, RPM, watts, amount of calories burned, and the current tension level you’re working with.

All the data above is shared on the LCD screen that has clear, easily visible text. Alongside all this, you get the control panel, which enables you to change your resistance, and programs digitally. There is also a workout fan to help you cool off in those intensive training sessions.

What are consumers saying?

Of the ratings we have found at various online shops and blogs, the majority appear to be very positive. Some talk about the quality of the design and engineering, whilst others appreciate the fact that it’s easy to put together, and very smooth.

There is very little negatives shared outside the ones we talk about above, however, it should be noted that it’s still a relatively new product, and will need to gain popularity before we can make a clear decision on what consumers believe.


There is something about this machine that helps it stand out from the crowd. The Horizon Fitness Evolve 5 seems to be winning praise based on the quality of the frame, plus the exceptional amount of detail included within the console, such as the training programs. If you’re working with an above average budget, and are looking for an effective elliptical trainer, with all the bells and whistles, you may just of found it.

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