Horizon fitness ex-59-02 review

Some of the best elliptical machines on the market are well hidden, or under appreciated. We aim to dig deep and bring them out into the open a bit more. The EX-59-02 is an example of a cardio machine that is just that. It has a lot going for it, with an extensive set of training options built in, and a great design topped off with an affordable price tag.

Feedback from consumers has been positive as you can see from multiple online shops, it has great ratings.

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Looking through our criteria for a good elliptical machine, there are several areas where it stands out and excels. Here are just a few of the things we came across in our research.

  • It’s quite low to the ground and has a low step on height. In other words it’s quite accessible for those of you with mobility issues, or joint pains. Some trainers on the market are far too elevated, and they lose business through this, as they forget about a whole other market for rehabilitation from injuries etc.
  • A console is attached to the front of the framework, along with a screen. Think of this as the main control panel area where you get to choose and plan everything about your workout. While many models provide this nowadays, it’s still a must have for tracking your training progress including time, speed, and other excellent statistics like distance covered.
  • A stride length of eighteen inches is quite standard, but for the price there are plenty of ellipticals that offer much less.
  • It’s clearly been built with durability in mind. The stated weight limit by the manufacturer is 275 pounds which is more than enough for the majority, but still room for improvement.
  • Sturdy structure, coupled with a decent flywheel weighing just over fourteen pounds keeps the exercise motion stable and consistent.
  • An affordable price tag for the amount of specifications listed. You do get machines that offer less for a higher price.
  • Respectable brand name which has had plenty of success in the past with popular models, as well as newer ranges such as the Evolve 5.


There isn’t too many negatives to be spoken about, but here are just a few downsides we have found.

  • Limitations in resistance. At ten levels, there is plenty of room for improvement there and considering there are options that go upwards of 20 levels of tension, you can help but feel it could stall progress for more fit people. However, the flip side of that is, new users and intermediates will still be able to get an effective workout out of it.

What are consumers saying?

Highly rated from many sources. A lot of consumers sing it praises, with negatives few and far between as mentioned above. A good sign, and something that makes it a great candidate for your home gym.


The Horizon fitness ex-59-02 excels in many departments. Whilst it may lack the technology or durability of more commercial options, it makes up for that with an outstanding set of features that will have you working up a sweat, and shedding pounds in no time.