Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

Indoor spin bikes are a highly effective way of conducting your cardio exercise. The general intensity level that can be achieved using them, make them great options for home gym owners.

Listed below, we compare several of the top rated models. We look at key thing such as the flywheel weight, structure, and price. By analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of each, we hope to help you find the perfect workout bike for your needs.

Comparison table showing the best spin bikes of 2017
Analysis, consumer reports, and ratings

ModelDimensionsWeight limitFlywheelPrice
Bladez Fitness Fusion GS46 x 43 x 20"275 lbs40 lbs$$
Mad Dogg Spinner Fit44 x 38 x 18"250 lbs31 lbs$$$
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro46 x 48 x 20"275 lbs40 lbs$
Diamondback Fitness 510Ic46 x 42 x 23"300 lbs31 lbs$$
Schwinn IC245 x 49 x 23"250 lbs31 lbs$$
Keiser M345 x 49 x 26"300 lbs$$$

Indoor cycling bikes buying guide

There are several areas you need to be looking at before you make a purchase. Each of these are very important to the longevity of the frame and the effectiveness of your spin cycles workout. In our reviews, we take a long hard look at different brands and models to help consumers which home spinning bike best meets their requirements. However, even if you are going shop to shop online, it’s important to have some of the knowledge provided below in your head so you can make a smart decision.


More often than not, a heavy flywheel is what you should be looking for. Genrally speaking, lower budget indoor stationary bikes tend to have lighter ones whilst the higher end models are heavier and more durable.

Some experts recommend going for a flywheel with a minimum weight of forty pounds, others say you can get away with lighter. But at the end of the day, it comes down personal budget and lifespan of the bike. Naturally, the positives that come with heavier variants, such as a smoother ride, and the frame will certainly feel more sturdy. So if it’s a steady, yet stable platform you’re after, I would look at models with 35 pounds upwards.

Tracking workout data on your stationary spin bikes

Keeping tabs on the performance data of your spinning cycles workouts is essential if you want to achieve consistent results. Most indoor cycles will come equipped with a computer that attaches to the handlebar area. Within this computer, you will often find a display that will show details about how fast you’re going, the distance peddled and several other key areas such as time taken and calories burned. How you utilize this data is up to you, but it’s certainly something you should expect to come with any modern cardio equipment,


An important factor that should always be taken into consideration is how comfortable you will feel whilst peddling on a spinning exercise bike. There are several design features companies use to help improve this. Fist of all is the overall mould and padding on the saddle. There is still plenty of brands out there that produce plastic seats with almost no padding at all. Always aim to get cushioning as sometimes you will be cycling for long periods of time and let me tell you now, it can get very uncomfortable.

On the same topic, most modern designs are equipped with handy adjustment settings that allow you to raise, lower, bring forwards, or push backwards the saddle to account for the many types of users, including the differing leg lengths and arm reach.

Much akin to the seating, the top indoor cycles have easily adjustble handlebars – both fore and aft. Which is extremely useful simply because it caters for all kinds of body lengths.

Obviously, these specs can only take you so far with how comfortable you are feeling when spinning away. There are other factors to consider such as the room temperature, what clothes you’re wearing and how breathable they are, plus the type of shoes you have on and if they offer sufficient grip.

Drive system

There are two main types of drive systems available to choose from. The first is chain drive, the second is belt drive. Spin cycling bikes can come with so many variations, so it’s important you understand the main differences and advantages between each of these before you dive straight in.

When we are referring to a drive system, we are talking about how the peddles are connected to they flywheel. Many experts agree that indoor cycling exercise bikes work best with a belt rather than a chain simply because they require less maintanance work, are highly durable and get the job done. Chain drive options can get quite noisy with rattling sounds that are just not that user friendly in a home gym environment.

User weight capacity

The amount of weight a exercise bike can take is a significant sign of how durable you can expect it to be. As a rule, we recommend aiming for models that surpass the 250 pounds limit. However, there are also plenty out there that share similarities with commercial gym options, sometimes going up to 450 pounds.


Sometimes people look for something that is more convenient than the amount of specifications included. Among these are water bottle holders and reading racks. Both are handy in the right circumstances, although I wouldn’t personally recommend reading whilst cycling as the effort exerted tends to be lower.

Then you also have the additional add on’s like transportation wheels which can be really handy and take the bulk of it’s weight should you wish to move it around the gym.

Warranty policies

There is no set in stone standard we suggest for warranty policies, however as a guide, you should look for something offering between five years and lifetime on the frame, between ninety days and a year on any manual labor requirements, and at least ninety days on parts. This is a good starting point and will have you covered should anything go wrong with your bike in the first three months.

Benefits of using spin cycle bikes

Lessens the impact on your body – If you have worked out on treadmills or simply done running on roads, you will notice a huge difference in how your weight is distributed on a spin exercise bike. They are designed to take away the main force of impact on muscles and joints such as your ankles and knees.

Superb cardiovascular training – If you want a healthy heart with great circulation, indoor cycle bikes are a great way to work towards it. The range of motion and intensity varies, but when used intensively, incorporating key training plans like high intensity interval training, the results can be amazing.

Excellent for toning up muscles – Getting those toned legs and abs can be difficult for many. But with a good diet in place, and consistent use of a workout bike, you can certainly expect to give yourself a full body workout that does a great job in burning off excess calories and toning up.

Save cash and time – When you look at the amount of money commercial gyms charge per month, then add to that the amount you pay for travel costs, not to mention commuting time it’s easy to see why cycling in your own gym is becoming a popular option. No more extra petrol costs, high gym fees, or wasting time after work travelling too and from your local leisure center.

The best spin bike for a tall person

Something that is often overlooked by people just starting out in their fitness journey, is ensuring equipment fits their body size. This is something that can cause problems through joint pain, and generally being uncomfortable whilst working out, The guide above will hopefully give you some insight into what to look for as a taller rider.

Other reviewed bikes

The AFG 7.3aic

This spin bike holds its own against some great competition despite it being at a lower price point. This can be expected from a respectable brand.

Users will be treated to a whole host of features such as adjustable seating, multiple position handlebars, toe cages, and a heavy duty flywheel.

You may also notice the small console attached to the front bars. This will give riders an idea how their workout session is coming along by displaying important data like speed taken, and distance cycled.

Definitely a good fit for home workouts, and those with limited time to squeeze cardio in around both your work and home schedules.

The Marcy XJ-3220

This indoor cycle shines in its own ways. Whilst it is not regarded as a top tier options, it will provide the necessities to getting in shape, which includes features to push you past your comfort levels, and a sturdy base and peddles to feel comfortable and secure whilst peddling thanks to the toe cages that are included.

It passes both of these things with flying colors, and to top it all off, it looks fantastic, with some flashes of green in their which makes it look modern and wouldn’t look too out of place in a commercial gym, despite it being inexpensive.

The Ironman H-Class 510

A fantastic indoor cycle for building up your stamina, toning your muscles and pushing your body to the limit.

Of course, this needs to go hand in hand with a good exercise and diet plan, but this has everything needed to undertake a successful weight loss, or fitness journey.

On the whole, for a mid tier bike, we believe this could make a great addition to your home gym.

However, be wary that there isn’t much in the form of customer feedback yet, but expect this to change as it gains traction and popularity in the coming months.

The Ironman H-Class 520

The best spinning bikes tend to have good flywheels. This one delivers with a great 44 pound flywheel built in, along with operating on an effective precision drive belt system which ensures quietness and smooth peddling motions which is ideal for home gym use.

A steel construction adds strength to the whole design and that plays a role in why it can hold cyclists of up to three hundred pounds weight capacity, which is certainly above the industry average for home models.

Whilst it may be a newer brand, this is definitely one you may want to keep tabs on.

The Ironman Triathlon X-Class 510

Finding the right balance between value and specs in a indoor cycle trainer can be a somewhat challenging task.

It comes down to if a user wants something to last years, and the level of choice in what riders can workout with in terms of tension levels and comfort. Both play an important role and should not be overlooked.

This model certainly will provide a durable solution to your cardio exercise needs and with plenty of training options and functions, users will be able to enjoy their workouts with challenging levels of tension alongside handy tracking features to help riders understand how well they are performing.

The Horizon Fitness Elite IC7

Another indoor cycle that runs on a magnetic style of resistance that can be tweaked by the rider.

Along with a heavier than average flywheel, these are the two ingredients that can provide a very smooth operation which is always something we look for.

Read more about it using our in depth review above.

The CycleOps Phantom 1

This indoor stationary bike caught our eye with its unique design. From looking at the basic spec list, we can see that CycleOps have taken time to design a strong cardio machine that is durable, and can withstand day to day wear and tear in a home gym environment.

Our review above covers all the finer details such as specific features relating to comfort, exercise challenges, and pricing.

This could be a great option for home use, but you will need deeper pockets to afford it.
Unfortunately, that’s a price we pay when looking for higher quality products.

The CycleOps Phantom 5

Another higher tier spinning bike that may be just what you’ve been missing in your gym collection.

The standout function for us is its ability to integrate with a virtual road app that lets you see your progress as you ride.

This can be seen as a much more fun way to exercise which will help those of you who find it difficult to focus, or tend to get lazy with their workouts after a while.

But, like many from this brand, you can still expect to pay quite a large sum of money to get your hands on it.

The CycleOps 300 Pro

Like several of its sister products, this is a upper tier indoor spinning bike that is flywheel based and comes with a excellent frame and a selection of excellent specifications.

Users are more likely to be comfortable on this than several of the competitors, simply because they get the choice to tweak the positioning of the handles and seating at a micro level, depending on their body size.

For those looking to shop for an indoor cycle which shares similarities with some you find in a commercial gym, this could be a excellent choice.

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