Ironman H-Class 210 review

The H-Class 210 gives users a lot to think about and work with when it’s time to do cardio. The vast amount of choice in training programs, alongside a modern, upright design that isn’t too bulky make it a great option for exercising from the comfort of your own household.

Plenty of resistance, and seating can be adjusted easily to add to the user experience and enhance overall comfort.

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  • Inexpensive. We understand that not everyone is looking to splash out thousands of dollars on new cardio equipment, and that’s why we take time to research into exercise bikes that are for people with a low budget. This model certainly falls into that category.
  • Plenty of magnetic tension to train with. In total there are twenty four separate levels of difficulty. Making it a great option for people with all kinds of fitness levels. It offers plenty more in this respect than the Stamina 5325 and Exerpeutic 500 xls. Beginners can gradually pursue the highest resistance levels, which can in some ways act like a target to hit and serve as extra motivation.
  • Twenty one workout programs is well above what we expect to see at lower price points and a welcome addition.
  • Includes a pretty standard console display to monitor the usual statistics based on your current efforts on the bike. The LCD screen will show the important information like RPM, speed, calories and several others which will let consumers know how they are progressing.
  • Some people are looking for something that is reasonably compact to fit in smaller to medium sized homes. The 210 measures just 33 inches by 52.5 inches by 21 inches and weighs 53 pounds which is quite lightweight and easily movable should you need to get it out of the way when you’re finished training on it. This made even more simple by the transportation wheels included.
  • Seat can be adjusted to different heights which will cater for the differentiating leg lengths that cycle on it.
  • If you like to have your tablet in front of you whilst exercising, this comes with a built in holder that will ensure you’re hand free whilst working out.
  • According to the manufacturer this operates quietly thanks to the belt drive style system.
  • Peddles are designed to hold all different kinds of feet size and come with straps to stop people from slipping off as a safety precaution.


  • Many options in the fitness industry come with a 300 pound limit these days. However, this one has just under that at a 275 pounds user weight limit recommendation. Not far off the likes of the Schwinn 130 and the Nautilus u614. Who are both highly rated options and quite popular among consumers who have got their hands on them.


Overall, we feel the Ironman H-Class 210 is arguable one of the better lower tier options you will find in the industry. You don’t often find products with this amount of resistance and exercise applications for this price. Well worth looking into further if you want something to conduct cardio training at home on a budget.