Ironman H-Class 410 review

The H-Class 410 recumbent exercise bike contains many of the features and functions we look for in a modern cardio bike.

Offers consumers a nice and stable 300 pound user weight limit, along with over twenty levels of magnetic resistance and over ten workout application programmed into the system for a full and effective cardio workout.

A simple step through design along with some fantastic construction features make this one to watch this year.

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No review of ours is complete, without looking at the spec list in depth to gain a solid understanding of how each part or training feature may effect a consumers training experience. As you know, we look at our recumbent bike buying guide to help us determine if any machine has the qualities to stand out from the competition. Here are a list of the positives we found in our research.

  • You always want to consider whether the bike has a modern design. And there are several ways to determine this. One, you want a step through design. Secondly, you want stability, if anything is wobbling whilst peddling, that is something that will effect your mindset and your training. Thirdly, you want to look at the weight capacity which helps you understand the overall strength and reliability of the product. Ironman offer 300 pounds capacity along with a excellent step through design to ensure getting on and off the bike is easy. In other words, it ticks all the boxes here.
  • The H-Class 410 is also equipped with a decent amount of tension. Riders will be able to control the difficulty levels through twenty four differing levels that will work for the very beginner through to the people who have been exercising for years. This puts it close to the Exerpeutic 4000 in this respect.
  • Also included is twelve differing workout applications that are pre set and built into the console. You can track progress through each of these apps on the LCD window at the front.
  • The seating adjustments can be an issue for taller users, with many needing a good range of motion to work with people with both shorter and longer legs. The manufacturer recommends this machine suitable for people between five foot two and six foot four, which is excellent and enables it to cater for most buyers.


  • There are several cheaper alternatives that may be suitable for those of you not wishing to spend too much cash, for example the Schwinn a20.  However, in most cases, you don’t get the same choice in tension among other things, so you would be limiting yourself.


The Ironman H-Class 410 is definitely one to look at if you are working with a medium budget. It’s got plenty of great design features alongside a excellent selection of workouts and tension levels to help you keep pushing yourself to the limit in order to achieve your weight loss and health targets. But as always, we advise to research around and look at the competition before you buy anything, as you may miss some hidden gems.