Ironman H-Class 510 review

First impressions of the specs of the H-Class 510 indoor cycle have been good. So far, we have looked into the goods and the bads along with the design positives along with any flaws it may have.

Running on a chain drive system, on a modern frame design, this could easily be a great addition to your home fitness equipment collection. The consumer feedback found on the web so far does tend to reflect that. But in this industry, that can change quickly.

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After looking through its various features, we believe the H class certainly has some great things on offer for those of you working with a mid tier budget. And as with any spinning bike, you want it to give a great workout, this will deliver just that as long as you have a solid workout regime in place in the first place. Below are just a few of the things we believe will be beneficial and positive to your exercise experience.

  • Firstly it runs on a reliable chain drive system which propels and gives the rider a more realistic cycling experience. This is great for those of you looking for something to train inside on when the elements are against you.
  • A steel framework design will enable it to hold a user weight capacity of up to 275 pounds, which is only slightly less than the 300 pounds the Keiser m3 provides, and slightly more than the Mad Dogg Spinner Fit. Overall, this will be sturdy enough to hold the majority of riders.
  • The handlebars are adjustable and can be used in a variety of different grips to mimic road cycling, or simple cruising.
  • A heavy 44 pounds flywheel is above the average we have reviewed recently, and certainly provides a excellent level of consistency in the peddling motion. For those of you looking for smoothness, this could be a match.
  • The peddles have handy toe cages attached to prevent slippage and they are made of steel for added strength and structural quality to fight day to day wear and tear.
  • Transportation wheels make life easier when moving it around the household.


As with any indoor cycling bike, there is always going to be a drawback when comparing them to other models in the market. The 510 has some great qualities, but we still think the price may effect some buyers decisions. Whilst not expensive in the traditional sense of the word, the price tag brings it inline with many of the more popular spin bikes available, and it can get lost in the sea of competition out there.

What are consumers saying?

Not too much feedback or ratings yet, but  we believe this will change as time goes by, and this section will reflect that. Reviews we have found so far have been for the most part positive.


Overall, the Ironman H-Class 510 holds its own among medium budget bikes. With plenty of options to train with along with nice little tracking additions, we believe this bike could become a great choice for your cardio training.