Ironman H-Class 520 review

For the ultimate lower body workout, the H-class 520 indoor cycle has a lot of great things going for it. Whilst the Ironman brand it may not have reached the heights that the most popular exercise bikes the market offers, but it certainly has won some praise from consumers who have purchased it.

Ideal for the home setting, and those who want to squeeze in a cardio training session in between work and other things in a busy schedule.

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Ultimately, when we browse around for new fitness equipment, we want to be sure we are getting good quality for the money. And to do that, we often follow the indoor cycle buying guide, to understand what things you need to be looking out for. The 520 does present some great features that could make it an ideal training option for those looking to get in shape from the comfort of their own homes, out of the cold and rain.

  • Like the 510, Users can change up their grip on its handlebars to a position where they feel most at ease and comfortable. It allows the bike to mimic road cycling, and provide a certain degree or realism that you don’t find in other fitness bikes.
  • The construction may be the first thing you may notice when you take it out of the packaging. Made from steel, with a respectably wide frame, this is clearly designed to be durable and the manufacturer echoes this with a recommendation of 300 pounds user weight capacity. This is higher than plenty of popular indoor training bikes, such as the Sunny Pro.
  • Fitted with a balanced 44 pound flywheel for fluid consistency and stability in the peddling motion. This is always something we look for when shopping for new exercise equipment, and Ironman Fitness have certainly delivered.
  • Operates on a precision belt drive system which is designed to keep the machine quiet in use, and smooth, both of which compliment the heavy flywheel.
  • The stabilizers on either end of the bike can be adjusted to ensure riders feel safe whilst peddling and prevent any accidents from leaning too much, which can happen if the stabilizers aren’t long enough.
  • When the training session is over, you can easily move it to where you need it in the house thanks to transport wheels which remove most lifting required.
  • Toe cages keep riders feed firmly planted onto the 520 and will ensure users can push down on the peddles right at their limit without fears of their feet slipping off.
  • All this is topped off with a solid warranty policy that provides lifetime cover over the frame,  three years on labor, and three on the individual parts. So even if something goes wrong, you’re well covered.


  • It’s quite expensive when you consider what other spinning bikes on the market offer. For those of you looking for a lower budget model, you may be interested in researching into the Schwinn IC2.

What are consumers saying?

Most consumers appear to have plenty of good things to say about the functionality of the bike. However, there was a complaint found about some visibility issues regarding the computer display which tracks performance data.


We believe that the Ironman H-Class 520 will do a great job in helping people meet their exercise goals. It has all the basic design requirements and training options built in to have a positive impact on anyone’s cardio training. It all comes down to how the individual uses it.