Ironman H-Class 610 review

The H-Class 610 elliptical machine has some great technology inclusions that will surely enhance most peoples workout experience. Its capabilities are quite clear at first glance of its specifications.

With several great ways to push yourself to your limit, including over thirty levels of magnetic resistance, and a eighteen inch stride length, we believe that despite its reasonably unknown reputation, this trainer from Ironman may prove to be an essential part of your gym equipment.

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So what exactly is it that the 610 brings to the table? Where does it excel? We look at the positives below in relation to our buying guide to find out how this could be a good addition to your home gym.

  • The rear drive design is propelled by a belt which is fantastic at keeping noise levels to a minimum, which is something that should be taken into consideration if you’re not the only person living in a household. With multiple users working out, noisy machines can be extremely off putting, so this is a plus point.
  • Runs on magnetic style resistance which ties into the quiet operation mentioned above. Interestingly, for a mid tier price range elliptical trainer, there is an excellent amount of choice in tension levels at thirty two,  which will allow the user to mix things up and keep things fresh. In many ways, this will enable the complete beginner to work their way up through each level and serve them well as a motivational tool to reach the hardest difficulty levels. In relation to other machines on the market, this is a fair amount more than the 470 from Schwinn Fitness, and the AFG 3.3AE.
  • A steel frame construction that holds a weight of up to 275 pounds should be considered a positive as it will work well for the majority of people, as well as playing a part in keeping the 610 durable.
  • The peddles are over sized to cater for all kinds of feet size to ensure all users can be comfortable whilst striding.
  • Transport wheels are included which will make light work of moving it from room to room should it be required.
  • The arms at the front are dual action which means not only will your legs get a great workout, but your arms and their supporting muscle groups too. This in turn gives you a full body workout which isn’t something all types of fitness equipment provide.


  • We believe the stride length could be a bit longer to enable taller users to benefit from a fuller range of motion. This is something overlooked by many brands.


The Ironman H-Class 610 is not perfect, but for the price, there is certainly some great value for money to be found. The wide range of difficulty levels along with some great smart technology inclusions to track data, should make this elliptical high on your watch list.