Ironman Triathlon X-Class 510 review

With plenty of excellent training technology including blue tooth and My cloud fitness belt, it’s understandable why the X-Class 510 has received plenty of positive feedback and ratings from consumers since its release.

It includes everything a modern trainee triathlete needs to track and understand every workout session thanks to the computer attached to the front, and ensures riders are kept comfortable with lots of design inclusions to adjust the position someone rides in.

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So how and why can this indoor cycle from Ironman Fitness be beneficial to its riders. What key advantages does it have over its competitors? We have compiled a list below from the specifications to help you understand the answer.

  • A computer on the front of the bike enables riders to fully understand areas that need improvement through the use of readouts that include time, distance, speed among others. Aim for your personal bests using this, make targets, to keep things enjoyable, challenging and perhaps most important of all, fun.
  • Sometimes you will find that indoor cycling bikes come with unfavorable seating. They can come in weird shapes or just lack sufficient padding for the rider to feel fully at ease and comfortable. This is where the X-class 510 shines with a great saddle that is well padded and contoured to ensure riders feel comfortable sitting down on it.
  • A 300 pound weight capacity mentioned by the manufacturer highlights the quality and strength of the construction which is always important when you shop for a exercise bike that has long term potential along with durability.
  • To prevent marking on the flooring, this machine also comes with a handy floor mat.
  • Users will be able to get a sense of realism thanks to multiple grip handles. This is great for those who want to feel like they are on the road despite it only being stationary.
  • A 44 pound flywheel brings it in line with several of its sister products like the H-Class 520.
  • A precision belt drive will be effective in keeping noise levels low whilst being able to operate as smoothly as possible.


  • It’s often hard to balance value for money and affordability. This spin bike is found in the upper tier price category and is understandably not affordable to all. However, there are bikes that supply less tech for a cheaper price including the 510ic from Diamondback.


Whatever your training goals are, the Ironman Triathlon X-Class 510 will supply the tools needed to help you get in shape. For the home cardio experience, this is an ideal model, but the downside of having all the technology and extra bells and whistles is that it’s expensive. However, this is something to be expected from a indoor cycle with this kind of feature list.