Keiser M3 review

Pros – It’s extremely quiet, with excellent features built into the console.

Cons – Some consumers complain about it lacking the ability to adjust for shorter than average riders.

Our verdict – The infinite, smooth resistance combined with whisper quiet spinning technology by far outweigh any of negatives presented. A great option for use in a home gym setting.

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In Depth overview

Design – As far as modern spin bikes go, the design provides an excellent level of stability with highly durable materials to match many of the highest rated models on the market.

Whilst we have mentioned some of the complaints from consumers regarding size adjustment for shorter riders, one cant deny that it does offer plenty of adjustable features for average and taller users with adjustable seating and peddles.

Exercise Features – Operates on a eddy current resistance system which is adjustable and offers much choice in how hard you push yourself. Ideal for warming up, the main spin session and a warm down after the training to reduce the chances of injury.

Console and tracking data – Includes a excellent computer console that will do a great job in keeping track of your heart rate, calories burned, time, speed and other things that you would come to expect from a commercial gym spin bike. It should also be noted that the console requires batteries to power, something that is often overlooked by retailers.

What are consumers saying? – It’s quite clear that the majority of consumers rate this exercise bike very highly. You only have to glance at several major retailers reviews to understand that. On top of that we know a few people who have personal experience with the Keiser m3, and they believe it’s a solid bike that has stood the test of time while delivering a first class workout.