LifeSpan E2i review

What makes the LifeSpan E2i deserve a mention among the many great elliptical machines currently available on the market?

When we focus on what’s included within the specification list, we believe there are several reasons for that. These include the many differing ramp levels along with tension to improve overall intensity of workouts along with an excellent striding length of twenty inches that will all help users push themselves to the limit.

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As usual, when we hunt down and research into the various trainers on the market, we always look through our own list of things to keep track of to help us visualize how effective a particular elliptical model could be. This consists of many different things including price, structure, brand, console options and much more. Listed below, we go through as many of the things we believe are a positive to help you decide if it’s a good match for your requirements.

  • It includes a respectable twenty inch stride length. You get a lot of models these days that hover between fifteen to eighteen in length, so anything above that is always a bonus. For example, the Exerpeutic 5000 only offers eighteen.
  • The LifeSpan fitness brand is well respected and has produced many great pieces of exercise equipment. This reputation tends to carry over in many ways, including what worked from previous models, and what didn’t.
  • Its got a six inch computer display that has back lighting and easy to read. This screen will include all the information and statistics about your workout so it’s important that it’s visually readable and clear.
  • Within the console mentioned above, the readouts include all the important data such as speed, distance, time, ramp level, heart rate, and much more. Think of it as the brain or control panel of the machine. Almost everything about your training can be changed using the navigation buttons within.
  • The E2i has no shortage of ways to pump up the intensity. Ideally, a good piece of cardio training equipment will really put extra pressure on your muscles and have you working up a sweat in no time. This has the ability to do just that with twenty ramp levels alongside twenty different tension levels. Both will lend a hand in improving the intensity, and by doing so, your overall fitness results will improve too.
  • To top that off, it also comes with twenty one different exercise programs to keep people interested and motivated.
  • The user weight limit of three hundred and fifty pounds tells us a lot about the construction quality.


  • The only thing that immediately stands out as a negative, is the current price range you find this in. Yes, you do sometimes find it at discounted prices, but for the most part, this isn’t a low budget model. If that’s what you’re after, you may want to look at the e614 from Nautilus.


No elliptical is perfect. However, you can find something that is close to perfect for your own needs. And that is what we aim to help you do at Incressive fitness.

The LifeSpan E2i certainly surpasses our expectations, with plenty of built in applications to have fun with along with several great design features to up the intensity levels if required. Overall, we would only advise purchasing this if you’re working with a mid to higher budget.