LifeSpan E3i review

The LifeSpan E3i offers users an effective way to fit in their cardio training around both personal and work life. Simply install it in one of your rooms at home, and away you go.

It’s already equipped with all the features required to get results on the condition that you have a good training plan in place, and push yourself. These features include varying levels of intensity alongside exercise programs and different incline levels.

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After looking through the specs, LifeSpan have produced a fine example of an elliptical machine that offers all the tools to conduct your cardio training from home. But what are the key features on offer? How do you determine if it’s a good match for your needs? We provide a detailed analysis with the use of the elliptical buying guide.

  • Right at the front of the machine, consumers will find a large 7.5 inch display that comes with a back light and clear text readings on the data. The larger the better in our opinion, that’s because you can read it whilst working out. This console will allow you to follow and record your own progress as you train with data passed to the screen that shows your effort levels through time, speed, calories burned, ramp levels, your current heart rate, stride count and much more. Everything a user needs to understand his performance can be contained within this computer system.
  • There are essentially thee different things that allow people to get a good workout from the use of the e3i elliptical. The first being the amount of intensity, which can be known as the difficulty levels. This trainer offers up to twenty to work through, which is great. Secondly, the ramp levels or incline. People have the option to change this through twenty different levels to increase their work rate. Then thirdly, and as a additional bonus, you get twenty one differing workout programs to exercise to. All of these can have a positive effect on your fitness results in the right hands.
  • A decent twenty inch stride length is always welcome, as it allows you to stretch the strides out and  push the calves a little bit harder, much like the endurance 720 e from Proform.
  • A weighty flywheel of 34 pounds offers fluid and consistent motions as the peddles go round. This is quite a bit heavier than several leading brands, and popular elliptical trainers, including the Evolve 5 from Horizon Fitness.


  • The main negative we believe is that users will not find a machine of this quality cheap. If you want something that has the latest tracking technology, along with plenty of training functionality and a long lasting frame, you need to invest in it.


Whilst it hasn’t gained the popularity yet, it has very limited feedback from consumers, so proceed with caution. However, the LifeSpan E3i does have several great things going for it including a respectable brand name, tons of top workout capabilities and a great design.