LifeSpan R3i review

The LifeSpan R3i exercise bike can really improve your cardio training when used effectively alongside a good diet and all round training plan.

It includes all the tech needed to get positive results over the long run such as a console that tracks everything one would need to know about a ride, alongside twenty one different workout programs that include training specifically for sports, heart rate, and weight loss.

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So having looked through the various specs, LifeSpan Fitness are certainly offering their customers a great amount of choice. Sometimes you find that some bikes can limit your progress by not having enough functions to train with. That’s not the case here, and that will certainly serve as a positive that will ultimately be beneficial to the wide majority of people who enjoy cardio training. Listed below, I will type up in detail the various things we believe help this machine stand out.

  • The seventeen different workout programs isn’t unheard of, in fact, there are several models that offer more. The main positive here however, is that each program is laser focused on helping target a consumers specific need, be it pulse rate, losing weight, training for a type of sport, or something completely customized, which is fantastic.
  • To ensure users can get fairly accurate reading on their heart rate, you can use the grip sensors on the handlebars.
  • The R3i has a rather impressive 400 pound user weight capacity recommendation by the manufacturer, which is well above what we ere expecting. Other models provide quite a bit less. Taking this sort of weight requires a certain level of sturdiness in the frame, along with durable parts.
  • Includes a great computer console that provides all the technology a modern recumbent exercise bike needs to effectively monitor ones progress, be it through the varying workout apps, or looking into the differing readouts provided such as time, speed, calories and many more.
  • The design of the bike provides effective lumbar support, which alongside the step through design and amount of horizontal adjustments possible on the seating, makes a very comfortable ride for the user.


  • This machine doesn’t come with a chest strap to monitor pulse unfortunately. It does however have touch/grip pulse rate reading which does the same job just as well.
  • Quite expensive. Only consider this if you’re serious about getting in shape.

What are consumers saying?

So far, we have not found too much in the form of reviews, but did find several fitness blogs that praise the quality of the design. This will be updated as we find more ratings and opinions in our research.


On the whole, the LifeSpan R3i can certainly become an essential part of anyones training equipment. The tech inclusions and functionality of the console will improve your experience whilst exercising, and alongside consistently following a workout regime and diet plan, the results can be excellent.