LifeSpan TR 1200i Review

One cardio machine we found growing rapidly in popularity was the LifeSpan TR 1200i. This is a folding treadmill that is well designed and focuses on convenience and performance combined.

If you’re the type of runner who dislikes working out in a commercial gym environment due to the commute, or even if you get better results alone, this could be ideal.

What’s more, there is a large number of consumers who have rated is extremely highly, which should be a key indication of its overall quality.

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  • A 2.5 continuous horsepower motor is suitable for walkers, light jogging, and running alike. It will provide a consistent flow of power to the tread belt which will drive you forwards towards your health and fitness targets. However, it’s not going to bring the same amount of power the ProForm Power 1495 provides with a 3.5 CHP motor built in.
  • Folding design is very convenient. Why go for a flat design for the home, when there is treadmills just as sturdy and with similar features like this one.
  • To back up the sturdiness factor, the 300 pounds weight capacity certainly highlights the solid base and frame needed to support that amount of weight. And while it’s not quite at the commercial gym levels, it’s certainly enough for home gym users.
  • A 20 by 56 inch tread belt gives nice length and plenty of room at the end without the fear of running out of track.
  • Well respected brand with a solid reputation.


  • One complaint found regarding the motor squeaking. This does however seem to be a uncommon incident in the sea of positive reviews found.
  • Not a low budget model. If you are looking for something cheaper, it may be worth looking at the Cadence g 5.9 , which offers a substantial amount of training features for a very respectable price.


It has a highly functional design as you would come to expect from LifeSpan Fitness. Modern, but also plenty of attention being paid to saving space, usability and comfort. Not always a combination found in top tier treadmills, let alone medium tier.

The escalating popularity can be attributed to multiple things, however we believe the nifty folding running surface is at the forefront of this. The convenience this adds to modern homes is unparalleled.

When folded, it measures 39 x 66 x 33″ and fully assembled and active, it’s dimensions are 33 x 54 x 70″.

Then there is the concern of the joggers safety with anti slippage hand rails on either side. In the event you feel yourself losing your footing, it’s always nice to have that extra support available to you.

Equipped with a 2.5 CHP motor, joggers will always have a certain degree of consistency in the amount of power supplied to the running belt. And while it’s certainly not the most powerful, it gets the job done for your average user.

The tread belt and decking has a suspension system built into it to absorb as much of the impact as possible. This is the ideal feature for those of you wanting to exercise for long periods of time or intensively, and it will certainly play a role in reducing the number of injuries sustained.

A 300 pound user weight limit shows how strong the base and frame is. And while it does not always mean it will last longer, it’s a good indication of how well it has been put together.

Exercise features

Users will be pleased to hear you are able to run at speeds between 0.5 and 11 miles per hour. There are plenty of models out there that offer 12 mph, such as the Horizon Fitness Elite T9, so this is somewhere it falls short slightly, albeit only a little. For some 1 mph isn’t going to make much difference, but for more advanced people, who run on a regular basis, it can make the world of difference.

Fifteen levels of incline are powered by a motor that offers a maximum lift of 800 pounds. The addition of any kind of gradient can change the dynamics of your whole workout and truly increase the difficulty.

The TR 1200i will also be able to make your exercise regime a little more fun with the use of workout apps. These are specifically designed by qualified personal trainers to target weight loss, performance, heart health and much more. It also serves as a fantastic tool to get focused and push towards your training goal.

Console and data tracking

It’s quite common to receive data related to distance, speed, time and heart rate these days. This treadmill is no different. All your performance information is fed to the console at the front where you can track and improve on the data displayed on the LCD monitor.

The console itself acts as a ‘control center’ to handle all the built in workout features like belt speed, incline level, and which programs you are currently using.

Warranty policy

Backed up by lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, one year on any labor, and three years on parts.

What are consumers saying?

Our analysis of user feedback and ratings around the web is conclusive. The wide majority of runners seem very happy with their feedback. In fact it was quite difficult to pick out the negatives because the amount of positives outweigh them heavily with comments regarding the amount provided for the price, how quietly it operates, the safety features, and much more.

Of the negatives we did come across, these were more based around faulty or malfunctioning products rather than something wrong with a full working model.

Taking both points of view into account, it becomes quite clear that their is a aura of quality surrounding this treadmill and consumers confirm this at various online shops, giving high ratings and positive feedback.


We conclude that the TR 1200i treadmill is one of the best folding treadmills currently available. What’s even more great is that it’s inexpensive. The numerous features included such as the incline and exercise apps make this all the more surprising. Definitely worth researching into if you are looking for a new cardio machine.

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